Sunday, December 30, 2012

envelope printing online

If you own a business envelope printing is i think neccessary. it will reflects your company and you need to make sure that the enveloped you send out to your clients with important information inside should need to look presentable. The envelope with your company name on it actually represents your company. The reason why when it comes toenvelope printing online you should only trust your company's envelop printing to this website if you will just give the website a visit right now, you will know that they stand with their product and they are proud of it. I am sure you will not be disappointed with the service and products that you will get from them.

Finally quit it!

I was planning to stop working until jan 24 but just last thursday, i talked to my boss and asked her if i can take an early maternity leave. It is just my belly is getting so big and i cant bend anymore. how can i help and assist the old folks if i myself got hard time walking. I am just lucky that i have a very understanding boss and she let me take my rest. so now i have 4 mos of maternity leave. I am actually happy. I need to rest and take my time while waiting for this baby of mine to pop!. i cant really wait. I am so tired of carrying a heavy stomach. This baby is sure going to be big.

Friday, December 14, 2012

finally own it!

I have been wanting to own a samsung galaxy s3 phone and my dream finally came true. I finally own the phone and so far i love it. its fast and very good looking phone too. the camera and video has a lot of features that user can enjoy. at first i worry about the battery but now that i got a new battery i am sure i will enjoy my phone better. i cant wait to play with it and learn more about it.


We all know that cigarette is not good for our health but still i know plenty of people who are using it. I cant blame them. smoking can be addicting and if you are hooked to it, it will be hard for you to let go of it. But you should not stop smoking immediately, you have to do it gradually i think. maybe you can smoke one or two Cohiba cigars but i tell you friends, you really need to make sure that you are able to overcome your smoking problem before its too late.


Just today, while i was driving to lewisville, i almost meet an accident. it was raining so hard so i decided to just use the service road. i drove like 30 miles per hour in 45 mile per hour road and still, i was not able to control the break. my husband said that i press the break so hard which cause my car to spin around. i was just lucky that their are no cars around me and the cars behind me was immidiately stop their car too. i was really scared and try to make sure that i will arrived in my destination safely. I thank God for protecting me. called my husband so that i will calm down. I was really shaking but so far i was able to come home safe and sound and in one piece:)

here for rapid test

As we all know, every time you apply for a new job you always have to undergo for a medical test and drug test is one of them. So if you have  a clinic that's authorized to preform a series of drug test, I am sure you need to have gadgets and things that you need to get an accurate result. and when it comes to rapid drug test supply, you can always count this website .here for rapid test supplies you can be assure that the website has the product available for you to buy. In order for you to do the test well which is very important, you also need to have the right equipment. you can always count the for that.

Getting big!

I feel like I am really really huge right now. I am on my third trimester with my 3rd baby and i really feel like i am bigger this time compared to my first two pregnancy. I even dont know how to lose this baby fat that i gained but i will just worry that when the baby is out. for now i will concentrate with giving birth and getting ready for the baby to arrived

Saturday, December 08, 2012

color guard uniforms at WWBW

My son is into playing guitar right now. I bought him a very cheap guitar available for him to practice and seems that he really like it. I just need to spent time teaching him some basic chords for him to learn how to use his guitar to accompany some songs. If i can see that he really wanted to learn how to play his guitar, i think i need to enroll him into a guitar lesson too. I am indeed in the process of shopping for a new guitar for him just in case. I wanted to get him a good guitar and i definitely now know a certain place where to go and get it. I really love my son to know how to play at least one musical instrument and i am sure you mothers out there can relate too.i even wanted to see him in a marching band playing drums or any band instruments specially when i saw this color guard uniforms at WWBW. Well i guess i just need to push my son and encourage him.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


My weekend will be very busy. My son's big 7th year birth day is fast approaching and honestly, I am not yet ready for the party. Some of my friends will be cooking for me which is really nice but you know i still have to do the cleaning,shopping and decorating the house. Ohh well i still have few more days to do it and I better start doing it right now. I just hard to do it with a huge belly. but it keeps me entertain which is good.:)

lab oven

Looking for a lab oven for your laboratories? Well you may need it personally or for business used, one thing i can assure you is that, if you are looking for a high quality lab oven, the kind of lab oven that you can really rely to be working properly, then this website is definitely a good website for you to visit. They sell their items with pride. So i am sure you will get the best lab oven out there!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Recently, i am hooked with couponing. I did not realized how much money you can save if you will combine the store deals with the coupon. you almost can get the item for free. i just love it! I am not like the others though that even if they dont need the item they will still get it. I will get the things that i know we needed in our house just like soap,paper towel and tissue paper. so far i am enjoying it but the problem is, i have to print my coupon online so i am not really saving much since i have to pay for the ink of my printer too. but i love shopping and i love the feeling that i get the items that i bought for a cheap price:)

best water fountains

I know few friends who love to put water fountain in their house. And honestly, i found it interesting. It looks really entertaining. Well, if you are one of those people who love to put or maybe looking for a the best water fountains to be put inside your house, then i think this website is the perfect website for you to visit. I am sure you will surely be happy that you visited the place first before you go someplace else. the website just have tons of water fountains that you can choose from and i am sure any of their water fountains will surely look good in your house. Therefore, before you go to any website or store, make sure you visited this website first.

just turn 31!

yesterday was my 31st birthday and i celebrate it that way i wanted it. It is just perfect. I spent some of my day with my close friends and my family did prepare a little something for me too. So far i feel the love and i realized i have a lot of people around me that love me and care for me. I am really felt so blessed and touched because my facebook was flooded with the a birthday greetings and some of my friends here prepare an early breakfast for me. all in all i did have a happy birth day!

cashmere cape fur trimmed

I can officially now say that winter is here. right now the temperature outside it 50 degrees. for me it is already so cold. Well, if you hate cold like me, why dont you keep yourself warm with this cashmere cape fur trimmed. visited this website and look at the cape and boy, it really look cute and so comfy. I am sure it will keep me warm when i go outside. it will surely make a perfect gift for yourself or for your love ones. I am sure they will surely love it!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Back to back party!

I am trying my hardest to control my sugar and measure my carbohydrates intake because of my diabetes, but how would you do that if your friends will keep inviting you to a party. I was about to say no but you know my son will be very disappointed since it is his friends birth day party. ahhh i just really need to control myself and make sure i walked alot if i ate a lot at the party too. I hate diabetes! i can do anything but to obey what my doctor say for my son's sake:)(

platinum coins

My husband loves to collect coins. He already has plenty of it and I think he is still collecting until now. anyway, i found this platinum coins from this website and i told to myself, the coins will make a perfect gift to my husband on our anniversary and maybe will buy some more for christmas. Now, i get excited because i have been looking for the perfect gift to give him on our anniversary:)

Off to the zoo today!

We are planning to bring the little ones to the zoo today. hmm hopefully the weather will cooperate. it supposed to be 65 degrees today so i am kind of hoping the the wind is not the cold and the sun will go up to keep us warm while strolling around the zoo. It is  my isaacs 2nd birthday and we are plannign to celebrate my son's bday at the zoo since he is into animals. we will see what happena nd if the weather will cooperate.

ach training

If you own a business, specially if your selling products or maybe doing services to the other people, i think you need to make sure that your customer can pay you in any form of payments whether it is in the form of cash or electronic payment. not having that option might cost you losing tons of customers. That's why this website is offering you a ach training for you be able to understand everything about payment option. the training is easy and I am sure it can help your business to be successful!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Cute kicks!

It's my third baby and it still amazed me everytime i feel the baby's kick. I feel like he was talking to me and want my attention. of course i immidiately touch my belly and smile everytime he kick me. well it just mean one thing. my little boy is healthy inside. i get worried when he wont kick and feel happy when i feel his little kickst

event production

Have you just started your own business or maybe you have a new product to launch or maybe a break or big event that need to organized but need some ideas and help on what to do to make the event successful? then this event production from this website is really a perfect website for you. The name of their website tells everything. they can give you the solution to all your problems when it comes to organizing a big event. All you have to do is give their website a visit.

Just thinking!

After few days of being depressed with the news that we have another boy on the way, i was thinking that i think i just need to accept the fact that i am going to love three boys soon. and as think about it of course you cant help but think what if the baby will come out to be a girl. I think i will be sad, because i already have a bond with my son and i am in love with him already. it is like 1 percent that the baby will come out a girl for i am certain and i saw in the monitor that he has a penis:)

large hole pearls

I have a neighbor here that make necklaces and earrings for part time job and i tell you, she really did a good job. creating something out from e bead is indeed something fun that everybody can do specially if you have a talent when it comes to art. I am sure you can make a lot of beautiful jewelries out from it and when it comes to beads or large hole pearls, make sure you visit this website I am sure you friends will be amazed with the lines of pearls and bead that they have and I am sure you will get excited thinking that can you make out from their beautiful products. the website is really perfect for people who love to make jewelries out from beads or pearls.

Another boy on the way!

Last Thursday we found out that we are going to have another boy on the way. so yup! i am i will be a mom of three active boys soon. I was disappointed at first and did cry to release my disappointment. i know I have my heart prepared for the possibility that we might have another boy but the truth still hurt. I do feel guilty in the other hand and felt sorry for the baby inside my belly. well what else we can do. God give us another boy to love and we cant really do nothing about it.

vacuum generator

if you own a carpeted house, you sure need to have your own vacuum right? we have a hard wood floor and still i need to own a vacuum. vacuum is just easy to use to suck all the debris that was laying on our floor. anyway, if you friends own a vacuum that needs a vacuum generator, you really need to give this website a visit and i can assure you that you'll surely find what you are looking for.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I am excited for my fetal anatomy survey  because on that day i will surely know the gender of my 3rd baby. I am still praying to God to give me a baby girl to love and care but He know the bigger picture. So I also have my heart prepare for the possibility that i might be a mother of 3 boys.anyway boys and fun to love. they fun to watch when they play and i just love them so much. I love my two boys and one more boy to love is not bad at all. I am sure i will adore and love him as much as I love my others boys. In anyway, I am excited to know if i am going to have a boy or girl and I am looking forward to that day when i give birth and meet him or her in person.

how to reformat hard drive

how to reformat hard drive? If you own a computer and your computer got infected by any virus online, your first question is how to reformat your hard drive. Not all the people know about reformatting their computer hard drive and I have to agree I am one of those people. I am just so lucky that i marry a guy who know a lot when it comes to computer so i dont really have any problem when it comes to computer at all. But how about those people who doesnt know anybody to help them? when this website is your answer. when you have computer problem just give the website a visit.

High Blood pressure

I am worried lately. I went to my 16 weeks visit and i just found out that my blood pressure is kind of high. I do notice that i get too much headache lately and sometimes will catch my breath but i just did not pay any attention to it. I guess that is the sign of me having my blood pressure high. Now i have to watch for my blood pressure and my diabetes. I guess i need to keep on exercising until i have this baby out. for now all i can do it pray that God will be with us. will make our baby healthy and will give me a safe delivery and fast recovery. I just trust everything to God.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Isaac is maybe too heavy for me to carry?

I noticed that every time i carry my 22 mos old son, the little creature inside my stomach will immediately kick me. I dont know why but maybe my son is too heavy for me to carry and it will make the baby not comfortable inside? Sometime i want to cuddle and carry my son specially if he cry and in pain but i just cant do it for long specially if i have a little baby inside my stomach who will keep on kicking me. I am just lucky i have my mom with me because i can now see that i will surely got a hard time taking care of isaac while being pregnant

tired of checking my sugar!

I am tired of checking my blood sugar 4x a day and every check it not that painful but still it is painful.  I have 6 more months to do it and I am praying that i can last that long. how i wish somebody can find a way to check your sugar a little painless. well i have to do it for my baby. I need to make sure that my sugar is just right. not too low and not to high. just right. I can feel it too. if my sugar is 90 below i start to feel unease so i have to it a little and it will eventually make me feel better. it is hard when you are diabetes and you're carrying a baby. it is not really me who get affected but the little creature inside me. therefore, i will do everything to make sure everything is fine and I am sure God will do the rest.

buy little castle here

If you become a mom, decorating your baby's room is like heaven for you specially if you are a first timer mom. I can feel the feelings. I can still remember the excitement i had when i had my first born elijah. and now that i will be a mom of three the excitement did not listen, it is still the same. I am hoping for girl this time and if God will grant our prayers i will be the happiest mom:). Well you soon to be mom out there! if you are planning for buy a little castle chair for your little prince or princess room then you may buy little castle here.have fun and enjoy!

The baby is BIG!

I just have my 12 weeks visit to my doctor and as expected the baby is growing so fast means the baby is big. As what my doctor told me, the baby is 4 days bigger or 4 days advance. I am kind of worried. I dont want to have a c-section at the end. Right now, I did my part  and strictly follow my diet and hopefully this will help. I will have my next visit sept 12 and I am praying that the baby will be back to normal.It is not that i dont want him to grow but i just need him not to grow so big. I am in the other hand excited to see him or her few mos from now. 

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Excited for my 12 weeks visit!

i cant hid my excitement for my 12 weeks visit next week. i cant wait to see the baby and see her or him in that small monitor in the my doctors office. This is my 3rd one but I am still excited to find out how my baby doing. I think the baby is doing good since i have a terrible morning sickness with this pregnancy. I pray for a girl this time and of couse a healthy one too..

student desks for school

If the school near you are looking for student desks for school or maybe you are incharge of shopping for it, well i think i just found the right website for you to visit. this website called The website is your one stop shopping website for they have all the kinds of chair that your school need. Well if you have a student and might want to get a desk or chair for your kids at home, the website is perfect for you to. I have a 1st grader and i think i will get him a chair in which he can sit and do his home work and any of his school activities. I am tired of seeing his things laying around the house. I think the chair will make our house look a little bit tidy.

my morning sickness is not morning sickness

Seriously, I dont know if have to called it morning sickness when it happen in the afternoon around 5 PM. The reason why it called morning sickness is because, i will happen in the morning right? but not me. I think this is afternoon sickness..hehehe anyway, I am tired of it. I am tired of feeling sick and feel like i have to throw up. I cant wait for my second trimester in which i will feel better again. But on the positive side, if you are having morning sickness means the baby is healthy which I am thankful to God.

very Hot!

I grew up in a hot country. I tell you, in the philippines we donthave winter. the weather is always warm or hot but i just cant handle the crazy weather here in texas. Yesterday, we reached to 107 degrees. the highest so far since i arrived here in texas and boy i cant tell you how much i hate it. you cant even step outside without sweating. well i go out in the morning when it is not hot and stay in the house the rest of the day. i felt sorry for those people who worked on the road without a shade on their heads. I think i can officially said that I am ready for winter to come. ahh few more days to go.

church pews chairs

Most of us are church goers right? and you know helping your church make look good is not bad at all. That's why if you friends been thinking of buying your church a church pews chairs or maybe your church is planning to buy a new chairs for the church, make sure you let them know to visit this website Pretty much the website has every kind of chair you church will surely need. i checked the website and i love the looks of their chairs so far.I even found the same exact chair we have in our church.Now you know where to go the next time you shop for church chairs.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

diabetic again!

I got a call from my obgyn's office telling me that my blood sugar is high and i have to start my diet and check my sugar 4 times a day. I am not shocked, i was gestational diabetes with my second child so i expect to be the same with this third one. I did start my diet and i think it is a blessing in disguise because it helps with my morning sickness. I noticed that i am not hungry all the time because i keep on eating and so far my sugar is good. well i have a long ways to go and i think i love my diet so far. I just dont like the check of my sugar but i have to monitor my sugar for my baby's sake 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Looking for a gift to my husband is always a challenge for me. See, my husband is hard to please with. it is maybe because he almost have everything that he wanted the reason why he feel like he dont need anything at all. Well as a wife, it is always a headache for me to look for a certain thing that will please him specially on special occasion. i dont like it that he has something to give to me and I dont have anything to give to him. This is the reason why I so happy when i found this a perfect website to visit if you are looking for a perfect gift to give to your husband. Now i know where to go!


I know i should not be complaining because once you have a morning sickness it only mean one thing, the baby inside of you is doing okay and is developing well the reason why your body reacted that way. But seriously! i cant get used of this heartburn feeling that I am having right now. i dont know what to do. i took two tums already and still it did not help. with my two boys i just ate banana and it always help with my heartburn but now, even if i ate plenty of banana it wont help at all. ahhh i have few more weeks to go still i pass this morning sickness stage and i cant really wait! 


colposcope is the kind of instrument that the doctors used to do a colposcopy examination. This is the kind of instrument that the doctors used to examine the person's vagina and cervix and is used to detect cervical cancer. There it is really necessary for the doctor to own this kind of instrument. And if you friends know of anybody who would want to buy this kind of instrument for their clinic, refer them to this website pretty much the website has everything the need for their clinic and a very reasonable price.

been throwing up like crazy!

I am having the worst morning sickness so far. with my three boys, i never remember throwing up like this one. i feel like throwing up but not to the point that I will actually throw up. but with this baby I actually throw up. Do you think this is the sign that i will be having a baby girl soon. ohh well, few more months and we will know if we will have a girl or boy. but I am really praying for a healthy baby girl and hope God will grant my wish:)

Friday, July 13, 2012


Next week is my second doctors visit and this time i will be able to see the baby in that small monitor in my obgyn's office. This baby would be my third but i feel like it's my first time to be a mommy. I cant help but to get anxious and excited. I praying that everything will be fine and the baby inside my stomach is doing okay. I am also excited to see the heartbeat count of the baby and see if it' 140 above or below. I read online that if it is 140 above we are having a girl but it if 140 below we are having a boy. I dont really believed it but it is kind of something that i wanted to see.:)

edwin jagger

IN every special occasion i always got a hard time finding for something to give for me husband. his birthday is just few mos away and i still don't know what to give to him. I wanna make it up to him because he was really good to me last mothers day. A trip to Italy for 17 days is too much and I was really happy and blessed that I was able to visit the place. I know simple things will become more special when it is given, right?. I was looking online and found this edwin jagger set of Ebony double is what i have in mind to give to him on his natal day. Well I still have months to save money. 

Heartburn attack!

One thing that i hate the most every time i get pregnant is the heartburn. I just hate it. I hate the acid feeling that i could not explain where it came from and what to do to get rid or at least minimized it. I thought at first that this baby will be so good to me that i wont experience a morning sickness at all..hehehe i think i speak to soon because here i am throwing up and I dont know what to eat. oh well, one more month and I will be done with this morning sickness. i could not really wait!

Friday, June 22, 2012

body scrubs

if you friends are looking for the best body scrubs that will really works and will make your skin soft after you used it, then i think you really need to check this body scrub from this website The website's product was almost all rated 5 stars by its users which is really mean their product is really good. Well I know when it comes to beauty product, people would not mind about the price as long as it works right? and I am sure will really work!

Expecting again!

After the grand vacation in italy for 17 days, we finally have our third baby on the way. We did not planned it but we did not also do anything for us not to get pregnant again. We have been wanting a baby girl so i said to my husband to try one more time and maybe the third baby will be a baby girl. but even if it is another boy, we will do everything not to have another baby. Well God has its own plan but we decided to only have  3 kids and that's it! whether it is a boy or girl: I am kind of excited though:) 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

louisville ky real estate

If you friends live in Kentucky and is looking for a new house or maybe you are planning to sell your house and buy a new one. if you are looking for a reliable people to help you, i really suggest that you will visit this website louisville ky real estate website is very friendly and I am sure, they can help you looking for the new house that you wanted and sell the old ones that you have.

Almost Done!

OMG, it has been a week already and I am not yet done editing the pictures that I took in Italy. I am already tired of doing it but i have to do so that me and my friend can make a photobook and compile all the pictures that i took during our time together. Italy is a very beautiful country and i really love my shots. I just need to finished editing it so that i can share it to my friends in FB

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Hessonite Garnet Beads

I know a lot of friends who like to make their own jewelry from beads and dont get me wrong it really look good on them. one of my friends love to make a necklaces out of beads and sometimes she make earrings too.If you friends love collecting different kinds of beads and make it into jewelries just like my friends, i think you really need to get this Hessonite Garnet Beads from this website the beads is just so beautiful and I am sure you friends will surely fall in love with it.not only that, the website has also tons of unique beads that you friends will surely be interested in buying. i tell you, their beads are just so beautiful and i am sure you cant wait to make a jewelry out of it and wear it.

had a blast!

My trip is italy was absolutely the kind of trip that i will treasure for life. I just love the place it is just so beautiful.each places has its own beauty and i can say i got a hard time picking which city i would want to visit again. if ever i will be given a chance to visit italy, i will surely give all the places that i went to a visit again. hopefully next time i have my family with me and i will definitely know what to do next.

plastic switch plate covers

If you friends want on changing the cover of your electric switch in your house, i think you might want to visit this website the website has tons of switch cover selections that you friends will surely love. from plastic switch plate covers to metal or porcelain that website has it for you. and their covers design will just blow your mind off. they are just pretty and I am sure if you will pick one, it will surely look good in your house.

still recovering

I arrived last thursday from my trip to italy and boy ia ms till adjusting the time here in USA. it is not bad at all but i ended up sleepign early in and woke up like 4 o clock in the morning. I hope i will be able to be back to my old routine before I go back to work. i still have few more days to adjust and i have to work 3 nights of work to do.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

queen size kids bedding

I have been looking for the perfect queen size kids bedding for my kids room. I went to walmart, target and stores that sells bedding but i could not find the one that i really want. The thing is, I dont care if i will spent a lot of money as long as the bedding was made in a good fine quality material. it is so happen that i visit this website i was browsing their website and was impressed with the designs of their beddings. infact, my son already have one that he likes. yup! he is that quick. Well I will maybe try to order one and crossed my fingers that the quality is good so that i dont have to return it:)

finally packed and ready to go!

Finally after few days of packing and unpacking I am finally done packing for the things that i need to bring to my trip in Italy. I am really excited and cant sleep because of excitement:)..I am sure i will going to have a blast in there and I am sure I will enjoy every minute and seconds of my stay in there. I will miss my kids but this is once in a lifetime trip so I will just enjoy it. I cant really wait and I am so ready for this trip to start!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

metal buildings

If you guys plan to build a metal buildings this website is definitely a website for you. Whether you plan to build an extra metal garage for your important stuff or maybe a extension metal garage for your extra car then i think you really need to visit the website right now. The website has all the equipment you need to build your metal building. It is like your one stop shopping from all the thing that you need to build that extra metal space in your house or maybe for your business used.and not only that by getting all your needs at the website provided above you will be able to save at least 60 percent..that is really a huge percent to save..that is why i said that if you are planning to build a metal building, make sure you visit the website above first.

Monday, April 30, 2012


I am working night shift so right now I am really really sleepy. I know, I should need to go to bed but I cant. I need to finished watching my show The voice. I will maybe try to go to sleep after the show. right now, I am enjoying listening the music that the voice contestant sung while doing my task online. few more minutes and i will be able to go to sleep.


I am just so happy right now. actually I am happy, excited at the same time sad. I only have 10 more days till we leave to italy. we will be staying there for 15 days. I dont know if i can stand being away from my kids for 15 days . but,I am postive that i will going to have fun in italy and it will be a memorable one. So right now, I am kind of excited at the same time sad. This trip would be once in a lifetime so i really need to enjoy it!

Send Flowers

Sending flowers is the kind of gesture that men should not stop doing. I mean, most women and i think all women would to get some flowers from their men or from the man that they love not all that time but sometimes. I am already married I still feel some butterflies in my stomach and i still get excited everytime my husband came home with flowers for me. I really think it is kind of romantic:). We'll friends even if you live million miles away from your love ones, you can still show your love to her through flower by using this website If you love to Send Flowers to your love ones then you just simply click the website provided above.


Omg I am so excited for my trip to italy. pretty much every it booked and ready for us. I am sure me and my friend will gonna have a blast. I just cant wait and i think i could not sleep anymore because of the excitement. I just could not believed it until now that i will be going to italy. Of course it cost us a fortune but the experience that we are going to experience priceless. Ohh few more days to go and italy here I come!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Decided to cancel my trip to the philippines

After i read the mean letter from my sister, I decided to cancel my trip to the Philippines. I decided of not planning any trip going back home anytime soon. I am not mad with my sister and I totally understand why she was able to write me that kind of letter but i dont think I am ready to see her. not yet. ohh well, good thing my friend called me and offer me a trip to italy plus next year we are going on a cruise. I will just maybe do that instead of going to the philippines.

apex house cleaning

Do you wish that at least one day, somebody will come to your house and clean it? I am a mother of two and to tell you the truth, I get tired picking up things after my kids. I just clean the house and soon after I am done cleaning here comes my two boys making a mess. How i wish just one day somebody will come and will do the cleaning for me. We'll you mom out there, if you dont have time to clean your house, then apex house cleaning can do the job for you. Maybe for just one time..maybe just one time to give your life a taste of a home that is spotless and really clean..If you will click and visit the website right now, you can read some reviews of the people that they worked with. pretty much they got a lot of good reviews that is just one proof that their workers are really good at what they are doing.

have the best manager ever!

Did I just say that I have the best manager at work? I just love her. Maybe because she is really good to me. Everytime i need a day off she always find a way to find somebody to work for me. Even if i will call last minute,she will really try her best to find somebody to cover for me. I dont have a good benefits at work but with the people that I work with? my boss, my co workers, I can say that it is the kind of job that I am willing to keep for long. 

phenteripped side effects

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I was really excited when my good friend give me a call and told me that she will be bringing me to italy and she will pay for the ticket.. OMG the good thing is my husband says yes and that he will take a day off to take care of my kids. Until now i feel like I am still dreaming. I cant believed that i will be spending 15 days in italy..we will be visiting Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence and Switzerland. I am very excited and I can wait to really see the beauty of italy in my very own eyes..

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

gps and golf

I know a lot of people who love to play golf. infact, my father inlaw is a golf addict. We'll if you friends love to play golf this gps and golf is definitely the kind of product that you friend need to checked. gps and golf combined in one watch is sounded really cool. if you will give the website a visit right now you can see and read more of the watch features and I am sure you friends will surely be impressed. This watch will also make a good gift to your love one who love to play golf.


This afternoon, i read online that tornadoes have touched down in dallas forth worth area and few minutes after we have a tornado warning in our area.OMG i was really really scared. the weather outside until now is not looking good. I immidiately went to my sons school and picked up my son. I want us all be in the house just in case the tornado will hit our place. It was indeed a scary thing to think but I thank God for his mercy and for keeping us safe. Nothing happen and i think the tornado already passed us. Thank you Lord!

web conferencing solution

My husband sometimes work in from home and sometimes i saw him doing a what they called web conference. It's really cool. with the modern technology right now and internet you can easily communicate with the people around the world. I am not surprised that most business people will use this benefits for the company's success. Therefore, if your company still have the problem of communicating with your clients and worker then you really to start using this web conferencing solution. I am sure you will be amazed how easy it is to used and I am sure your business will be more fruitful. and speaking of web conference this website is just the perfect website for you to start.

Its false alarm!

This fast few days i have this feeling that i am pregnant and i think i am 70 percent sure that I am. I have my mind set already. As a mother of 17 mos old toddle i definitely know the feeling and the changes of my body if something is happening inside specially when it comes to fertilization. But this time around, I was wrong. I just had my menstruation last week and that just tell me that I am not pregnant at all. Ohh well we are not trying but i am a little bit of disappointed. I have been wanting to have a girl and maybe just maybe my third baby would be a girl.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

phone answering service

If you own a company you really need to have this what they called phone answering service.This will make sure that the calls by your customers will be answered and the correct information will be given. and this website is the perfect website for you and your company. Not only they will give you a best service you deserve to have but also they will make your business life more easier. We'll to test how good they are they are offering a 7 days trial for absolutely free. It is really a good deal to get.


For the first time since i arrived here in the USA I get sick like this. And I really really hate it. I dont like the feeling at all. well nobody really like getting sick. I just thank God that I feel a little better right now. I am still sick but not that bad. I was suffering from a flu for few days and now I feel a little better. my husband in the other hand still now feeling good. I really pray that God will heal him too. I also dont want to see him sick.I know our time will come to be totally healed!.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

mesa safes

mesa safes are commonly found in some offices. some people own this kind of safe in their house to keep their important documents and materials. and i can blame them. if you friend have something really important and you think no one should ever get a hold of it except you, then you really need to get a mesa safe. This website offers all kinds of mesa safes if you friends need one. you can chose you selection from prices or by locked. if are looking a fire proof mesa safe then the website is definitely the website for you.


Me and my friend were planning to attend a sport feast held in san antonio. Few days before the date me sons got sick so i was not sure if i will go or not but fortunately my two boys seems to be fine last friday so I decided to just go ahead and attend the said feast. Well this morning my husband called me telling me that my son had a slight fever. i was really worried, i wanna go home but i cant. san antonio is like 6 hours drive from our house. i just felt relief when my husband called me again this evening telling me that the baby is now doing i can sleep peacefully.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

spinal laser surgery

If you friends has a spinal problem and is in need of a spinal laser surgery then you really need to give this website it is really important to get help from the people who know how to solve your problem. if you feel having so much back pain, the website is also perfect for you. All you have to do is to give the website a visit right now, give some of you information and your questions and you can be assure that they will answer any of your question as fast as they can.


I just arrived from a night out with my friends. actually it was a gym night with my church friends. we play basketball and volleyball. I am really worn out and so ready to go to bed. I had a lot of fun. I never get sweat like that since i arrived here in the US and i feel really good after the game. ohh if only i can do that most often. Thank to my friend in college to drive to pick me up so that i can have fun.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

sunless tanning booths

People love to look good and i know a lot of people who will spent a lot of money to tanned their skin. well if you love tanning your skin this sunless tanning booths is definitely for you. No need to expose yourself under the heat of the sun all you have to do is visit this website to get your sunless tanning kit and you are good to go. The website tanning products are all affordable to get and known to really work. if you love tan skin then you really need to give the website a visit right now!


My husband is giving me a mac book pro for valnetines day and i could not be happier. Actually I just want a computer that will last long and will work. i read a lot of reviews about the mac pro and people really give it a good one. So I am kind of excited to get my very own macbook pro. I will use the computer mainly for photography purposes..well i cant wait to play with my new toy:)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

receipt printer

If you own a business it maybe big or small as long as it deals with money you really need to get your company, store or office a receipt printer. it is important that you gave your customer their reciepts for the service or goods that they got from you. and speaking of receipt printer you can get one at this website Seriously their printers are so affordable to get. Not only that, if you need a cash drawer or bar code scanner for your business, then you really need to give the website a visit right now for they have the product ready for you to get.

So full!

Ohh it was indeed a good night for me. me and my mom went to my friends house wendy for a visit and we planned to cook something that we like to eat. i try to make some beef soup and it turned out really really good. i was so fully and can barely breath. ohh my diet is definitely ruined. I love to eat but boy, losing those pounds that you ate is definitely not easy.Good thing we dont do it most of the time. just once a week.

Monday, January 30, 2012

wood pergolas

I have been dreaming of having a wood pergolas in our backyard. we own a Jacuzzi i and I am sure it will be nice if we have a patio or pergolas at the back. I was looking at the pergolas, gazebo and pavilion designs at this website was really amazed how beautiful their products are. I think i need to talk to my husband and will maybe ask him if we can start saving money for that. or maybe in our next house since we are planning to move we can have a gazebo in our backyard and i definitely know where to go.

She is getting skinny!

I noticed that my mom was lossing weight since she arrived here in US. She maybe got a hard time adjusting the weather and the climate here the reason why he lose some weight. I been trying to feed her a lot but no help at all. I hope that when summer comes, he will get back to his normal weight and will look good again. Though she is not sickly but still I am worried why she lose weight.

buy composters

Gardening is not my hobby but i love looking at those peoples yard looking so beautiful with the flowers that they planted. I know some people love to plant. My mother in law has a huge garden at her backyard. She planted tomatoes,beans and many more. I love going there specially during summer because i always have a fresh tomatoes to eat from her garden. Now, friends if you love gardening and is looking to buy composters then this website is definitely a website for you. not only that, the website also has everything you need for your garden. all you need is to click the website and start shopping.

He is sick!

My poor hubby is sick again. he came home other day sniffing and when i hear him sneezing i immediately know that he has a coming cold and indeed the following day he is already complaining for having a headache and running nose. He also have a fever and occasionally couginh. I felt sorry for my husband. he is the only one that works for the family so i felt so sorry for him if he got sick. Thank God for those people who invented antibiotic. it seems to help him feel better after 4 days of feeling so sick.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

young women clothing

I love to shop online. And honestly, I spent most of my shopping online. I rather wanna sit here in the house specially if its cold outside and still do my shopping. When i found this website, my eyes grew big. seriously!, you can grab a shirt or jersey for as low as 1 dollar. I get really excited!. I need some clothing for my mom and we also trying so save money for our house in the Philippines. this website can definitely help me save a bunch of money. Now, friends, if you are looking for young women clothing, you really, as in really need to visit this website.You will surprised how much money you can saved.

She sick!

it has been 3 months since my mom arrived here from the Philippines. Yesterday, she was throwing up and have a stomach pain. I dont know what to do. I felt sad for her and so helpless. I give her some medicine to drink and let her sleep for a while. it is really hard when people will get sick here and dont have an insurance. I am just happy and thankful that my mom is doing better now and is back to normal. Yesterday was really a scary day for me.Thank you Lord for your healing power!

Monday, January 16, 2012

samsung cell phones

If friends you are looking for a samsung cell phones and its accessories, then this website is definitely a must website for you to visit.They pretty much all kinds of smart phones that you guys are looking in a very affordable price.The good thing about the website is, you can ask questions about the phones and you can be sure that your question will be answer.if you are planning to buy a new phone, you should really visit before going to any website and I am sure will be happy that you did.

Blissful New Year...

I can see that our new year will be better that last year.First, My life would be very easy because of the my mom's presence. She is really a big help to me and greg when it comes to taking care of the kids. We can at least sleep if we want to. me and greg can have a date if we want to and we dont have to worry who will take care of the baby. Second, my boss just gave me more hours to work so that means more money for me. So far life is really good and I am very thankful to our Almighty God for that.