Tuesday, October 12, 2010


My husband just start playing world of warcraft again. Since he stops playing with it for a long time we did not keep tract where did we put his headphones and mic. He needs it when they do a raid or if he plays with other player. he do ask me if i can buy him a new headphones. I told him to wait till christmas..lolz. Well just today i found the perfect headphones to get for him at this website http://www.thesource.ca . I am sure he will love me more the moment he saw and used this gadget that i am about to get for him. Actually if you are looking for an affordable headphones, just give the website a visit and you will surely be able to find the perfect headphones for you. not to mention all the headphones at the website are very affordable to get.

Two More Weeks to go!

I am very excited. I just had my 37 weeks visit at my obgyn today and she told me that if my baby wont come out next week she will induced me the following week which will be my 39 weeks. I felt so relief that she dont have any plan of keeping me pregnant until 40 weeks. Well, i have GD with this pregnancy so I am not comfortable going through 40 weeks of pregnancy too. So, we only have to wait for two more weeks and we got to see my little boy. We are all excited. two more weeks. I could not wait!