Monday, April 30, 2012


I am working night shift so right now I am really really sleepy. I know, I should need to go to bed but I cant. I need to finished watching my show The voice. I will maybe try to go to sleep after the show. right now, I am enjoying listening the music that the voice contestant sung while doing my task online. few more minutes and i will be able to go to sleep.


I am just so happy right now. actually I am happy, excited at the same time sad. I only have 10 more days till we leave to italy. we will be staying there for 15 days. I dont know if i can stand being away from my kids for 15 days . but,I am postive that i will going to have fun in italy and it will be a memorable one. So right now, I am kind of excited at the same time sad. This trip would be once in a lifetime so i really need to enjoy it!

Send Flowers

Sending flowers is the kind of gesture that men should not stop doing. I mean, most women and i think all women would to get some flowers from their men or from the man that they love not all that time but sometimes. I am already married I still feel some butterflies in my stomach and i still get excited everytime my husband came home with flowers for me. I really think it is kind of romantic:). We'll friends even if you live million miles away from your love ones, you can still show your love to her through flower by using this website If you love to Send Flowers to your love ones then you just simply click the website provided above.


Omg I am so excited for my trip to italy. pretty much every it booked and ready for us. I am sure me and my friend will gonna have a blast. I just cant wait and i think i could not sleep anymore because of the excitement. I just could not believed it until now that i will be going to italy. Of course it cost us a fortune but the experience that we are going to experience priceless. Ohh few more days to go and italy here I come!