Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wii accessories

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will do it all for a piece of candy!

Elijah know now what he had to do for him to get a chocolate. I don't stocked nor buy chocolates at the store for I know that chocolates is not really good for Elijah. Plus if my two boys saw any chocolates in the house, they wont stop until its gone. We only have chocolates cakes or ice cream at least once a month or once every two mos. Now Elijah know what to do for him to be able to eat chocolates everyday and that is to say bye and I love you every time Greg leaves for work. My son looks forward for his daddy to come home because he know that his daddy will have chocolates for him. I know kids. I give greg a mean look but i realized as I saw my boys smile that one chocolate a day does not really mean anything.