Friday, October 12, 2012

Cute kicks!

It's my third baby and it still amazed me everytime i feel the baby's kick. I feel like he was talking to me and want my attention. of course i immidiately touch my belly and smile everytime he kick me. well it just mean one thing. my little boy is healthy inside. i get worried when he wont kick and feel happy when i feel his little kickst

event production

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Just thinking!

After few days of being depressed with the news that we have another boy on the way, i was thinking that i think i just need to accept the fact that i am going to love three boys soon. and as think about it of course you cant help but think what if the baby will come out to be a girl. I think i will be sad, because i already have a bond with my son and i am in love with him already. it is like 1 percent that the baby will come out a girl for i am certain and i saw in the monitor that he has a penis:)

large hole pearls

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Another boy on the way!

Last Thursday we found out that we are going to have another boy on the way. so yup! i am i will be a mom of three active boys soon. I was disappointed at first and did cry to release my disappointment. i know I have my heart prepared for the possibility that we might have another boy but the truth still hurt. I do feel guilty in the other hand and felt sorry for the baby inside my belly. well what else we can do. God give us another boy to love and we cant really do nothing about it.

vacuum generator

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