Wednesday, November 28, 2012


My weekend will be very busy. My son's big 7th year birth day is fast approaching and honestly, I am not yet ready for the party. Some of my friends will be cooking for me which is really nice but you know i still have to do the cleaning,shopping and decorating the house. Ohh well i still have few more days to do it and I better start doing it right now. I just hard to do it with a huge belly. but it keeps me entertain which is good.:)

lab oven

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Recently, i am hooked with couponing. I did not realized how much money you can save if you will combine the store deals with the coupon. you almost can get the item for free. i just love it! I am not like the others though that even if they dont need the item they will still get it. I will get the things that i know we needed in our house just like soap,paper towel and tissue paper. so far i am enjoying it but the problem is, i have to print my coupon online so i am not really saving much since i have to pay for the ink of my printer too. but i love shopping and i love the feeling that i get the items that i bought for a cheap price:)

best water fountains

I know few friends who love to put water fountain in their house. And honestly, i found it interesting. It looks really entertaining. Well, if you are one of those people who love to put or maybe looking for a the best water fountains to be put inside your house, then i think this website is the perfect website for you to visit. I am sure you will surely be happy that you visited the place first before you go someplace else. the website just have tons of water fountains that you can choose from and i am sure any of their water fountains will surely look good in your house. Therefore, before you go to any website or store, make sure you visited this website first.

just turn 31!

yesterday was my 31st birthday and i celebrate it that way i wanted it. It is just perfect. I spent some of my day with my close friends and my family did prepare a little something for me too. So far i feel the love and i realized i have a lot of people around me that love me and care for me. I am really felt so blessed and touched because my facebook was flooded with the a birthday greetings and some of my friends here prepare an early breakfast for me. all in all i did have a happy birth day!

cashmere cape fur trimmed

I can officially now say that winter is here. right now the temperature outside it 50 degrees. for me it is already so cold. Well, if you hate cold like me, why dont you keep yourself warm with this cashmere cape fur trimmed. visited this website and look at the cape and boy, it really look cute and so comfy. I am sure it will keep me warm when i go outside. it will surely make a perfect gift for yourself or for your love ones. I am sure they will surely love it!