Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Very disappointed..

I was really sad and was very disappointed when i called up bestbuy and ask if they have already fixed my camera and find out that my camera was not yet fixed and it might take days or weeks for them to finished it. my d90 camera was already gone for two weeks for repair and i just could not bare to think that i have to wait for another weeks for it to be finished. well i could not do anything than wait. I was really disappointed with the service that I got from bestbuy. I should not bought their geek squad warranty. I was not aware that it will take so long for them to fixed a camera. I should have done my research first before giving them my almost 300 dollars to 4 years extended warranty..

birthday gifts for men

Fathers day is next month, yeah i know i still have 1 more month to think of what gift should i bought for my husband. See, my husband is one picky person. I always got a hard time getting things that he would really want. good thing i found this website i tell you if you're like me that could not decide what gift to give to their man, you should really need to give the website a visit. and if you are also looking for that perfect birthday gift for you man, then their birthday gifts for men will surely give you an idea of what to get for him.


I just got home from a whole day shopping and now I am really really tired. If i dont have family to cook for dinner and kids to take care of i would want to go to bed and sleep but i still have duties that need to be done as a wife and mother. so need to finished it first before i hit the bed. Well it was maybe a tiring day but it was also a fun day for me specially when we get a good deal from the clothes that we bought. i mostly bought clothes for my kids and two pants for me. I came home spending only below 50 dollars and i have a lot of items on my hand..that alone makes my day fun and enough reason for me to smile:)


I tell you losing weight is not easy if you will just depend on dieting or exercising. I've done that until i gave up and still I have not reached the weight goal that i wanted to be and now instead of losing weight I unfortunately gained couples pounds. Therefore, if you dont have determination and self motivation to do the exercise and dieting to lose weight, i tell you not to even try for I know you will later on give up just like me. But dont worry, we can still lose weight even if we dont diet or exercise of course with the help of lipozene to lose weight. If you will give this website a a visit, they will explain to you how the products works. i might considered of using the product and see if it works for me too.