Monday, January 30, 2012

wood pergolas

I have been dreaming of having a wood pergolas in our backyard. we own a Jacuzzi i and I am sure it will be nice if we have a patio or pergolas at the back. I was looking at the pergolas, gazebo and pavilion designs at this website was really amazed how beautiful their products are. I think i need to talk to my husband and will maybe ask him if we can start saving money for that. or maybe in our next house since we are planning to move we can have a gazebo in our backyard and i definitely know where to go.

She is getting skinny!

I noticed that my mom was lossing weight since she arrived here in US. She maybe got a hard time adjusting the weather and the climate here the reason why he lose some weight. I been trying to feed her a lot but no help at all. I hope that when summer comes, he will get back to his normal weight and will look good again. Though she is not sickly but still I am worried why she lose weight.

buy composters

Gardening is not my hobby but i love looking at those peoples yard looking so beautiful with the flowers that they planted. I know some people love to plant. My mother in law has a huge garden at her backyard. She planted tomatoes,beans and many more. I love going there specially during summer because i always have a fresh tomatoes to eat from her garden. Now, friends if you love gardening and is looking to buy composters then this website is definitely a website for you. not only that, the website also has everything you need for your garden. all you need is to click the website and start shopping.

He is sick!

My poor hubby is sick again. he came home other day sniffing and when i hear him sneezing i immediately know that he has a coming cold and indeed the following day he is already complaining for having a headache and running nose. He also have a fever and occasionally couginh. I felt sorry for my husband. he is the only one that works for the family so i felt so sorry for him if he got sick. Thank God for those people who invented antibiotic. it seems to help him feel better after 4 days of feeling so sick.