Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Get the right product for you Lips!

Every woman love to wear lipstick. Me myself have tons of lipstick collection and seriously until now I am still looking for that perfect lipstick that will look good on my lips. I found one but I am looking for the kind of lipstick in which i dont have to retouch every now and then.The kind of lipstick that will stay on my lips even if I eat or drink water.

If you are the kind of woman who is looking for a longwearing lipstick then this lipstick from is definitely the kind of lipstick that we are looking for. Not only that their lipstick will make our lips looks beautiful but also it will nourished our lips. I know you will agree with me that some lipstick can make our lips dry after long hour of wearing it. Well the Lipstick from NARS is different and I am sure you girlfriends out there will surely fall in love with it.

NARS does not only offer lipstick but also you can get your Lip Lacquer and Lip Gloss from them. I have not tried their products yet but based on what I read from their website, I am so eager and cant wait to try. I am almost certain that they have the kind of lipstick that I am looking for.

Still not asleep!

Boy, it is already 11:31 here in the evening and my little isaac still wide awake. I try to put him to sleep but no luck at all. he just cry and really trying to tell me that he is not yet sleeping. So, right now, he is on his swing looking around and hopefully soon he will get tired and will eventually fall asleep. We'll i cant really complain. Isaac is actually a good baby compared to my first born. he is way easy to take care of compare to elijah. he might sleep late but he also sleep all through the night which also give his mommy a good night rest. We'll, I think I will just wait till my little one will fall asleep and then i will also try to get some rest.