Thursday, August 26, 2010


I admit, I plan not to show up to my diabetic appointment last monday. Well, i feel like their is no need to go there and talked to those people. I follow my diet and was able to keep my sugar low. but duh! my doctors office just called me and ask me to go there and give them a visit. I was really pissed off. Why do i have to do that. for what? I hate the thought of them pooking me again and try to check my sugar with their big needles. I hate it!. They did it to me once when i have my first visit at their house and i have to bear the pain for the whole day. I dont want them to poke me again. Ohh, though i am pissed off, i think i still need to show up to their office. I dont know what they are going to do but I am definitely tired of having a diabetes. i cant really wait for be done with this whole pregnancy and be done with my diet.

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