Wednesday, June 10, 2009

loose diamonds

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Am doing it again!

I have been telling myself not to drink any drinks that contains caffein but duh, here I am again, drinking a tea even if i know that it contains caffein. I know it was so foolish of me to that thinking that it is only me whose going to suffer at the end. But what can I do. I need to drink and water is no where to find. So here I am still wide awake at almost 4 o clock in the mind is so tired and been telling me to sleep but my eyes wont shut down.i would maybe stay up until morning and will sleep till i felt really really sleepy..

Vegas vacations

One of the places here in US that i would love to visit one of this days is Vegas. A lot of my friends been telling me that the place is really beautiful and fun to stay for a vacation. Well i need to listen to them since they are the one who visited the place. I know too that some of you would also want to visit and spent a couple of days in Vegas right? well before you packed your things and have everything ready for the fun Vegas vacations, you might wanna visit this website first The website is for very informative which can give you enough knowledge to make your vacation more enjoyable.