Saturday, February 25, 2012

spinal laser surgery

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I just arrived from a night out with my friends. actually it was a gym night with my church friends. we play basketball and volleyball. I am really worn out and so ready to go to bed. I had a lot of fun. I never get sweat like that since i arrived here in the US and i feel really good after the game. ohh if only i can do that most often. Thank to my friend in college to drive to pick me up so that i can have fun.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

sunless tanning booths

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My husband is giving me a mac book pro for valnetines day and i could not be happier. Actually I just want a computer that will last long and will work. i read a lot of reviews about the mac pro and people really give it a good one. So I am kind of excited to get my very own macbook pro. I will use the computer mainly for photography purposes..well i cant wait to play with my new toy:)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

receipt printer

If you own a business it maybe big or small as long as it deals with money you really need to get your company, store or office a receipt printer. it is important that you gave your customer their reciepts for the service or goods that they got from you. and speaking of receipt printer you can get one at this website Seriously their printers are so affordable to get. Not only that, if you need a cash drawer or bar code scanner for your business, then you really need to give the website a visit right now for they have the product ready for you to get.

So full!

Ohh it was indeed a good night for me. me and my mom went to my friends house wendy for a visit and we planned to cook something that we like to eat. i try to make some beef soup and it turned out really really good. i was so fully and can barely breath. ohh my diet is definitely ruined. I love to eat but boy, losing those pounds that you ate is definitely not easy.Good thing we dont do it most of the time. just once a week.