Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Power Out!

Since my 5 years of stay here in USA, just this morning I experience for the first time i woke up without our heater on for the reason that the power of whole city was out. I mean seriously, it was like 15 degrees outside. i woke up freezing. our house was really cold. good thing the power back after at least 1 hour and my husband turned on our portable heater for us to keep warm. With that time span of having no electricity, i realized that I cannot lived here in US without heater. Boy, i came from a tropical country which is always warm. So, I am pretty much certain that I cannot stand living in a country that is cold and no heater to keep me warm. I am just thankful that we seldom have a blackout here in US.

laminate flooring

We have been planning to change our ugly looking house carpet to wood. Actually it is supposedly our project last year but since we have a baby we kind of cancel it and hoping to do it this year. We have been looking for a cheap and affordable laminated wood to buy. Therefore, i was really happy when i found this website I was so amazed when I checked the website and saw their price for the laminate flooring. it was really cheap and so affordable plus, their website offer a free shipping so that alone is a good deal to get. i will surely tell my husband about the website I am sure he will be happy too.