Saturday, May 21, 2011

first night at work

Tonight is my first night of my part time job at my friends nursing home. It was not bad at all. The old folks are not that hard to put to their. So far I've done putting them all to sleep and was just checking them every now and then.I love my job. I love the feeling that I had a chance to help somebody and takes care of them. I am only working 4 times a month so it is just nothing. I can't work full time for the reason that I still need to have time for my kids. So 4 times a moth is perfect for far I love what am doing though I missed my boys.

: how to get rid of dark circles

I once took our family pictures and put it on facebook. One of my friend asked me if my husband was wearing make up because of the dark spot around his eyes. I noticed that my husbands brothers had the same issue and infact my husband younger brother's dark circle is worst. We have been wanting to get rid that dark circle around my husbands eyes but we just don't know how to get rid of dark circles.good thing this website gives us an idea on how to do it.I will definitely share the idea and the information that I get from the website to my brother in laws too. If you got a hard time getting rid of that unwanting dark circles of your body, you really need to give the website a visit.