Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Eating time again!

I am not used to it. I am not the kind of person that like to eat every other two hours. I will just eat if i am hungry and if not i wont look at the food at all. Now that I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, i definitely need to eat and strictly follow my diet. It is for me and the baby so i have no choice than to do it. Though I dont like to eat most often but i think i start to get used to it. Now, i have to think what to eat for snack. I need to count my carbohydrates and makes sure that I am on track. Carbohydrates means sugar so i really need to carefully watch my carbohydrates intake. or else my sugar level will go crazy. Well i better go and fixed something for myself!

women's clothing catalogs

I love to shop online. I actually do most of my shopping online specially when it comes to clothing. If you have kids, going to the mall with your kids is indeed no fun. So i better stay here in the house and enjoy the comfort of my home while i do the shopping using my computer. When i do my shopping online, I first look at the women's clothing catalogs. And will first look at the clearance section and see if i like something from there. I do most of my purchase from clearance section. at least it is already on sale and it is not that expensive specially if i found a really good deal one. If I cant find the cloth that i want, i will later come back next time and see if they added some item in the clearance section. I enjoy doing it and until now i still do most of my shopping online.

leather briefcase

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it is over!

I am sad. My favorite show Rubi is finally over. The show did add color to my everyday life. my day is not complete if i am not able to watch that days episode. Now that it is over, i will surely going to missed it.I guess i just need to find something to spend my time with. Maybe it about time for me to tackle the household chores and have the house finally cleaned. I have a lot of things that need to be done and since Rubi is gone, i think i will spent my time to do it. Will definitely need to finished all the things that need to be done before Isaac arrived. I am sure, if my little one is here, i will no longer have time in my hand to clean the house.

Be safe!

Being safe is the most important thing that most people should prioritized. Almost everyday, some people spent most of their time in their specific work fields and leave their house empty and nobody is there. Of course, the thief can just come and steal all the important information you got in your house. The worst thing is, they will steal some valid information about you and will be able to steal your identity too. This is the reason why all of the houses here in america should have home security system in their house. This will definitely give you some peace of mind that your house is safe while you're at worked.

Well, sad to say, that not all the house has one. Their reason is maybe it is just too expensive to get one. Well folks you might change your will get the service from Home Security Team. By just 1 dollar per day you will be able to protect all the valuable information in your house. a dollar a day is not much compared to the peace of mind that you are going to have.And also you also might want to check this website The company also has good offers for you to avail right now.You will definitely be able to save tons of money. If you are still not convinced after visiting the website, you might also wanna check and read their consumer reports.

The service is worth every penny i tell you. plus, the peace of mind that you are going to have is priceless!

Favorite College Football Team: Ohio State University

No matter what Michiganders may think, Ohio State University has the best college football program throughout the entire country. Ohio State University has an infectious football team that is one of the best in the United States. One of my favorite hobbies is watching Ohio State football games on my There is nothing better than unwinding on a Saturday and catching some good old Ohio State football on television. Typically, I invite over all of my friends from work and friends that graduated from Ohio State to watch the games. It is one of the best times of all of our lives!

Perhaps the most anticipated game of the season is always the University of Michigan and Ohio State game. There are no words to adequately describe the intensity of this football game. It is quite phenomenal to see these fans go at each other. Sometimes, the opposing team will even rush the field if it wins. I love inviting University of Michigan fans over to my house to watch the game, just to add a bit of extra rivalry fun. It is hilarious to see University of Michigan fans get so worked up over one football game. However, I must admit, that Ohio State fans are almost equally as intense as crazy University of Michigan fans. Overall, I love Ohio State University for football!

Loving It!

Last week, I was diagnosed of having a gestational diabetes. Of course I was really down and was so depressed the moment i heard the news. I called my mom in law crying because i dont know what I am going to do. Last monday, i got an appointment to see my dietitian and she explain to me everything. I later realized that God has really had a plan for everything. and me having a Gestational Diabetes right now is just a blessing in disguise. They put me to a diet plan and so far am loving. I even start to like my diet right now. I even feel like i was eating too much but did not gain weight. Well i eat little by little but constantly. so my body have a chance to absorbed the food that I ate. I will definitely continue my diet even after i deliver the baby. Now, I am not worried anymore. I will just do my part and hopefully the baby will be okay.