Thursday, July 07, 2011

baby shower invitations

If you have a friend or close friend that are pregnant, I am sure you are planning of giving her a baby shower party and when it comes to baby shower party you sure need to send out a baby shower invitations and if you dont have any idea what card design to get, then this website is definitely a good website for you to visit. and also you can order your cards from them. the website does not only carry baby shower invitation but also birth day or any other special occasions.

Done with my job!

Last week, I finally decided to quit my part time job. It is just my husband was diagnosed with capsolitis and he cannot take care of my kids anymore. i also want his arm to be totally healed and as what the doctor said, it will take months or years for it to be happened. So my husband is wearing an arm sling right now to support his arm and to remind him not to move it for a while. I love my job so i was really sad when i found out that i cannot continue working anymore. Oh well, i will have plenty of time to spent with my kids then..I am just going to look to the positive side for me to be happy:)