Thursday, August 27, 2009


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It's going to be NExt Week!

am so happy and so very excited right now. In fact, because of too much excitement i got a hard time sleeping. Now, am having a headache:(.. well next week is going to be the big day. the day of my flight to the Philippines. after almost three years of not seeing my family specially my mom, i will finally see them again next week. I could not wait and am sure it is going to be fun. I am pretty much certain that all of us will going to have a blast. As of now, I am still not yet done packing. But i still have few more days to go to finished the task. Well, I better need to finished it before Tuesday. Wow until now I still could not believe that I would be counting days and i will see my family again. Of course i have to thank my husband for being so generous and for allowing me to see my family again:).