Wednesday, April 21, 2010

dark circles

I dont have this kind of problem but i do noticed that some of the people do have a dark circles problems around their eyes. I know few of the people that i dont know wanna mention their names. It doesnt look really good specially in the pictures.Now friends, if you have this kind of problem, i think this website can be a big help for you. you are maybe tring to put a lot of cream to lighten that dark circles around your eyes but no effect happen. Well why dont you give the website a visit and give their solution a try? who knows they are the answer to your problem.

Another Day!

Since i get pregnant with this second baby, i start to count every day as a challenge. Yes, a challenge for me to fight this morning sickness that i always felt everyday. I may not throw up but the weird feeling is there specially if I dont have any food to eat. I am not the kind of person that love to eat. Seriously, I only ate if i get hungry. I am that lazy. But right now that I am pregnant, I need to make sure that I ate and not only that i need to eat snacks too..I am not complaining. I am not only feeding myself but also am feeding the baby inside. I will do my best to take care of myself and make sure i ate. hopefully the baby will come out healthy and happy..