Friday, February 25, 2011

Got a New stove!

Oh my, I was all happy when my old stove broke..wahaaha. I mean it is already old and I think it is about time for us to get a new one. but what's the purpose of getting a new one if your old one still working just fine. When greg told me that he broke the stove and he does not know how to fixed it, All i can say was, Finally!. time for me to get the stove that I love. And yes!, that's what happen. we went shopping for new stove the following day and I got it in time for valentines day. Since the stove is kind of expensive, i told greg that i will take it as his Valentines present for me.

mother's day present from son

Mothers day is one of my favorite special occasion that I always look forward to. I am just so excited to see and experience the love and care from my boys. Greg and elijah always surprised me with a breakfast in bed in the morning. And yes, not to mention the gifts that I am going to received. How i wish everyday is mothers day. but I am contented to be pampered at least once a year. It is better than nothing.

Anyway, if you are a son and is looking for some place to get your mother a gift for this coming mothers day. I would suggest that you give this website I am sure that your mom will surely be happy to get any from that website's products. As a mom, It is always nice and I sure can feel the love if get any mother's day present from son. The love and thoughts count the most.