Wednesday, September 09, 2009

i finally have a connection.

We arrived here in the philippines last tuesday and just today i finally got an internet connection for my laptop. i was really happy because i can finally keep in touch with my husband and also be able to finished my online task that needs to be done. the connection here is not that fast but it is way better than nothing. ohh well, i better used the minutes doing my task before my load gone out..

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We're finally here!

I am so happy and really thank God for giving us a safe travel from USA to pinas. i felt so relief and felt safe the moment our plane landed at cebu international airport. The trip was a very tiring one but in the other hand it was okay because elijah was so behave from Texas to pinas. he was talking a lot to me and really obey me when i say no. I never hear him cry. i could tell that my son was so excited to finally see his family in the philippines again too. he saw and met them when he was one 1 year old. i know he dont remember any events that happened that time.NOw, i can see that he totally enjoy playing with his cousins and talking to his uncle and aunts.

All in all we have a fun stay here in the philippiens so far. i could not complain. being with my family one more time is enough so enough for me to thank our Almighty God. Things would be so perfect and memorable if i have my husband here with us. Well few more days to go we will see him and will have fun together here in the philippine