Wednesday, June 02, 2010

side effects of diet pills

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diet pills that work

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I have been try to clean our house today but boy, just a few movements I am already out of breath. I admit, i gained a lot of weight this past few days. I have my reason though. I am pregnant and even though I tried not to eat much I cant help but gained. I do get hungry all the time but i tried my best to just eat enough amount of food and then stop.well, I will just take things one step at a time..sooner or later i will be able to clean the whole house.


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I missed him!

I husband leaved yesterday to florida for his business trip. He will be there until friday. I really missed him. It has been a while since his last trip so i get used of him being around in the house. My nights is really different without my husband on our bed. Good thing I have elijah with me. I dont get lonely that much. My son keep me entertained whole day. I've felt the loneliness though when it is night time and elijah is already asleep. well two more night and my husband would be here.

colon cleanser

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I am really excited. I just could not hide it. Well, this coming monday, june 7 would be my next doctors appointment visit and if i get lucky with my baby's cooperation of course, we might be able to know the baby's gender. I really could not wait. I am just so excited if I am carrying a boy or a girl. I prefer a boy but i am also happy if i will have a girl. Now, my mind is very occupied with the excitement that I am feeling right now. and you know if you are excited about the things that are about to come, time seems to move really slow. I could not really wait till the monday comes and of course I am crossing my finger that the baby will cooperate for the doctor to recognized whether i am carrying a boy or a girl.