Wednesday, December 19, 2007

gold chain

Jewelries is one of the most ideal gift to give to your friends and family this christmas especially your wife. I am sure you will surely get some loving if you will get your wife a set of jewelries from right to earings and to necklace. And talking about jewelries, i just found a perfect website for you to visit to get that special gift that your girl friend will surely love. this website offers bracelets, anklets, earings and many more that you friends will surely want to check out. they also have gold chain for those people who want to get it. a perfect website to visit for those people who wants to make their girl friends happy this christmas.

plasma mount

That picture attached here is just a sample of many products of this website If you friends are looking for a website in which you can goo and shop for the perfect tv stand for your new HDTV that you got, then the website provided above is a very perfect website for you to visit. they have all kids and design of tv stands, stereo cabinets, audio ranks and many more. if you are looking for a plasma mount for your new plasma tv. then the website has the product for you too.. well, why dont you check the website right now to start shopping.

A tag from rose..

QUIZ starts!


coLor :: pink,blue
fOod :: tinolang isda,sinogba,tinolang manok,mashed potatoe,
sOng :: all love songs and religious songs
movie :: fiction and romance
sports :: Football..go cowboys
day/s of the week :: Saturday and Sunday
season :: spring
ice cream :: magnolia,ube macapono and halo halo


mood :: half sleepy half awake
taste :: sweets
shirt :: green
desktop :: elijah's picture
toenail :: short
time :: 8 in the morning
surroundings :: living room
thoughts :: need to go back to sleep

best friend :: lovely carillo
crush :: hmm si secret
movie :: Princess Sarah..lolz
Lie :: i don't remember
songs :: many to mention

cigar :: no cigars, please. hehe..
drink :: fruit juice
car ride : Kia lang tawon
phone caLL :: hmm I think it was greg, asking me to send him the list of the things i want for surprise huh?
CD :: many, hubby bought blank CD's and downloaded some songs on the net.

dated your bestfriend :: of course all the time..coupling pa sa bed..hahahaha
broken the Law :: ooopppssss...hehehe...
been arrested :: never
skinny-dipped :: well....hehehe...
been on TV :: ohh yeah i think i was,haaha it was last thanks giving..we went to target to do the balc friday shopping and their is this camera man taking a video of us for the news i think...i miss the news later that night tho..dang..
kissed someone you don't know :: eiiinggg...

5 things you're wearing :: as in right now?, well, i am wearing a shirt,panty, and pajamas.

4 things you've done today :: worked, cooked, prepared food, took a shower
3 things you can hear now :: sounds of my pc, car passin by and also the train
1 thing you do when you are bored :: sing with my son

ooppsss...where's number 2? hehehehe...

1. Anne
2. nancy
3. Jenny
4. Joy
5. Ivy


well thank you so much pinkrose..this one is really fun..i do enjoy answering this tag.thanks a lot for sharing it to me..God bless..