Tuesday, July 15, 2008

He already has a girlfriend!

haha my son is funny. if you will ask him, who is your girl friend Elijah? he will definitely answer, babaju ang Alexandria. He always tell me that he likes babju and Alexandria. No meaning of course. He likes them because he know that when he is with them he will surely have fun playing. he saw babaju most often and only see Alexandria on saturday. yet, the dont forget to bring something for Alexandria every time he saw me preparing foods for him to bring at church. he never forget to ask me to bring something for alexandria too. What a sweet boy. he already know how to value friendship.

renaissance costumes

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it's all going up!

everything in the philippines was going up right now. the price of the rice, vegetables, everything. I have a TFC channel here in my house so I am up to date with the news and happenings in the philippines. I even like to watch and see what happen in the philippines that watching the USA news. I really felt sorry for those people who dont have any means to earn money to buy food. No wonder there are a lot of crimes happening in the philippines right now for people will just try to do everything to feed themselves. Hopefully the government will find a way to help them. To help the poor people in the philippines.