Wednesday, September 21, 2011

zumba xbox 360

Losing weight is not easy and I definitely can attest to that. I am still trying my best to lose this baby fat that i gained when i was pregnant with my second child. I was doing zumba that can be found in youtube and it does help me a lot and so far i love it. so i am kind of looking for a zumba dvd to follow and do my routine every day until I found this zumba xbox 360. My husband will buy an xbox 360 for my son's this coming november. I will surely make sure that i will get this zumba for xbox 360.

She pass the medical exam!

I am so happy yesterday when my sister texted me telling that my mom pass the medical exam. I petitioned my mom 6 mos ago and inorder for her to get a US visa, she need to pass her medical exam and interview. I was really worried with the medical exam because i know that my mom is getting old. But i am happy that she managed to pass her exam. Now, she just need to pass her interview and we might see her next month.

roadside assistance plan

roadside assistance plan is really ideal to get specially for those family that love to travel. You will never know, you get stranded in a place where you can get some help and the worst scenario is, if you have kids with you. I bet it will be so scary. If you have a roadside assistance plan, whatever happen, you can be assure that somebody will come and help you. and if you dont know where to get the plan, this website would be a perfect website to visit.