Friday, December 10, 2010


I saw a lot of houses that put a bird house on their yard, put food on it and water and of course i enjoy looking at the birds that trying to eat the food that was in there. It makes me think of getting a bird house for us too and put it in our backyards. i saw few birds flying by our yards and i am sure they can use a house to take a rest and food to eat. I dont know how to build a bird house but i do found one at this website the website offers discounted birdhouses for those people that loves can use the house for the bird that you own or you can simply put it at your backyard let the other birds enjoy it. I will surely get one for us:)

sports trophies

If you are a sports organizer in your groups, schools, church or any group and is looking for a place in where you can get your sports trophies for the game that you organized, then this website is just the perfect website for you to visit. Pretty much the website has trophies for all kinds of sports.So, whatever sports you decide to make you can be assure that the website has the trophies ready for you to buy. All you have to do is to give the website a visit and your problem is done. Right now, the website offer a free shipping of all your orders, free engraving and free logo setup.

6 weeks check up

I just got done doing my 6 weeks check to my OBGYN. So far so good. My uterus is back to normal and i also asked them to give me a depo shot. What pissed me off is when my doctor told me that i need to do my 3 hour glucose test again to make sure that i dont have a diabetes anymore. I mean seriously? Doing it once was a torture for me and I dont really look forward to do it again. I dont know, maybe i wont go and do it. i am not really ready for another drawing of blood. Can i just not enjoy my life being a mother without having stress? o well, i will think about it and as of now, i decided to not go and do it again.