Tuesday, January 11, 2011


it was actually a tough week this week. We'll for some reason I was acting weird. I was very irritated and definitely dont have patience to my 5 year old toddler. is it maybe because of the depo that I was using as our means of contraception?We'll i guess it is. I start feeling and acting weird few days after I was injected with the depo meds. I think I wont go to my next appointment anymore. I need to stop this or else i am gonna go crazy. We will just used our old method which is calendar and hope that I wont get pregnant again. i ever i will get pregnant again? I will definitely make sure that my tube will be tied or cut. i only want 2 kids but who knows maybe the third one would be a girl..:)

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Being mom of two boys is indeed not easy. Well, you have your hands full. I have 2 mos old baby and 5 years old toddler and yes I barely have time to take a shower, clean the house and other things. I pretty much have all my time spent with my two mos old isaac. i understand he needs more attention than my 5 years old toddler elijah. Though I enjoy my life being a mom of two but boy it is indeed a tough job to do.Now, i am pretty much sure that I am not going to have another kid again. Two is fine for me and I am very contented with my two loving boys. Time will fly so fast and my isaac will grow and my life will then be back to normal:)