Saturday, November 12, 2011

eyelash growth products

I dont like my eyelashes. I am jealous looking at those girls that has thick, long and curly eyelashes. i really think it makes them look more beautiful. i do want to have my eyelashes grow but just dont know what to do. The reason why I am so happy when i found this eyelash growth products from this website finally i found the solution to my problem. I am really excited and cant wait to try the product and see the result. If you friends have the same problem as me when it comes to our eyelashes, i think we just found the solution. Good luck to us:)

She like it here!

I am so glad and so happy to know that my mom love to stay here in USA. I was kind of worried at first that she might not like to stay here and will want to go home. I spent a lot of money to pay for her visa and ticket of coming here and i dont want her to go home soon. I did try my best to show my love to her and take care of her as much as i can. I love my mom and I am really happy to have her here:)