Saturday, January 26, 2013

kennedy half dollar

My husband is into collecting coins. I tell you, he already has plenty of it. and boy they are so heavy to carry. Some people are just really fond of collecting stuff and it is just so happen that my husband love to collect some coins. Now, that the valentines day is approaching, I am planning to get him this kennedy half dollar as my gift to him.I am sure he will be happy for i know he does not have it yet. I really think it will make a good gift to him for this coming heart day.


I am so really impressed and amazed how much money i saved by using coupons. I tell you, i start using coupons and combined it with the store deal, i only pay a little money to get the things that we need inside the house. I pay 2 dollars for the box of diapers. 50 cents for my husbands shampoo and sometimes its free. it is so funny because i have a lot of stuff in my cart but after coupons, i only have to pay a dollar. Now, i have enough shampoos, lotions, toilet paper, paper towel, diapers,wet wipes supply enough for one year. I only buy the things that i really need inside the house. and i buy thing that wont perish easily. Well i am really proud of myself and i plan to keep doing it until i have the baby. I know once i give birth i cant shop anymore!

Need to exercise again!

I really need to do my 30 minutes cardio exercise for pregnant woman before i go to bed. I attended two parties tonight and i know to myself that i ate a lot. I also drink juice which i should not do but heck, i could not find any water and i am really thirsty. well i will just shake it off and hopefully my sugar wont go up that much. I really need to strictly control my sugar because the baby is already big. i will just wait till this baby will reach 37 weeks and i will do my exercise like crazy!

I want banana split!

I have my gestational diabetes since my first trimester, so i really need to keep an eye of my sugar intake. I tell you friends, it is really hard to deal. you know, if you are not allowed to eat an ice cream, that is the time that you really wanted to eat it and really crave for it. but i really control myself. So now, i told my husband, I only have three more weeks to go. I know that when i give birth to our third son, it will be cold but i really want you to go to braums and get me a banana split. my husband as usual make fun of me but i think i deserve it. So, i will really enjoy my banan split after i have this baby out!

flat panel tv stands for sale

if you buy an expensive tv for your house, you really need to get a tv stand for it, right?. You need to make sure that your tv is placed well and free from falling because it will surely cause a lot of damage in your tv. And when it comes to tv stand, i tell you this website has a flat panel tv stands for sale right now that I am sure you friends would want to avail. I was browsing at their website and i was really impressed with the lines of tv stand they have. If you are looking for a tv stand for your tv, I am sure you will find what you are looking for if you will give the website a visit right now.

I got a sweet note from him!

I wrote an entry in my other blog about my 7 years old son how much i love listening to his prayer and i think his prayer is the best prayer because its so pure and honest. really straight from his heart. I did not know that my son was reading my blog. so, he get a paper and a pen and wrote me a letter telling me how much he love me and thank me for complimenting about his prayer. it was one of the sweet note i ever read. really melt my heart. ahh I just love my elijah. 

monitor display stands

My husband just bought a new tv computer monitor and it was really a good monitor and a good buy too. we bought it in a very affordable price. he bought it mainly for my son's room. We have too much of him using the big tv in the living room. We want to watch our show but we cant because my son want to play his game. well, he was really happy when he saw his own computer/tv in his room. Now, we just need to get him a monitor display stands. As of now i am still looking for the right one that i need to get. I found one at this website but i have to check with my husband if he likes it too. we will just see.


I just had my second baby shower today and I was really happy to more clothes for my coming baby. They asked me what i wanted or what else do i need and i said, i need more clothes. I give away my second child's clothes and now i feel like i have to start from the very beginning.Good thing i was surrounded with a lot of people who love to share their blessings. so now, i don't have to buy anything. I pretty much have all that i need.Thank you Lord for the gift of friendship. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

So full!

I just had the best dinner so far. one roll of beef fajitas is all it takes to complete my day. as what i said, i am into beef lately. I am really full and i hope my sugar wont go up like crazy when i checked it two house after. if it is high, well i have to do my exercise again before i sleep. last night my sugar was up to 145 but i did not exercise because i was really tired. i checked this morning and it went down to 87 which is really a good number. I am really trying my best to control my sugar but if i cant do it, i might as well asked my doctor for some medicine.

craving for beef lately!

I noticed that lately, i really love to eat beef specially grilled beef. I know its kind of expensive, the reason why i am so happy when my husband bought me my own grill and i can just grill my own beef. but you know sometimes, i dont like to cook. I just want to go to restaurant, sit down and eat. if your belly is so big you dont really want to stand for a long time and cook right? but to save some money, i have to cook my own beef. ohh well, i am learning at least. I still dont know how to get the right meat and how to seasoned it but i know sooner or later, i will get that right and perfect taste:)

robern medicine cabinets from

Plan of renovating your bathroom? well i know a lot of people who love to do something with their house. I cant blame them, if i have enough money to spend i have a lot of things in mind what to change and add to make our house look more beautiful and presentable. Well, if you friends are planning to do some renovation in your house, specially your bathroom, I am sure you will really love to check this robern medicine cabinets from the cabinet will surely add some unique beauty in your bathroom and while you are in their website, mind as well check their accessories on sale for your house. Ohh i really need to mention that for you to save some money, you need to check the website tomorrow at Jan 26, at 6 Pm, to avail their weekend sale. I know people love to save money and i do too.

got another baby shower!

I am really so happy to have been blessed with a lot of friends. I already have a baby shower with my filipino friends that lived closed to me and now, my church family member wanted to throw a baby shower party for my 3rd baby boy tomorrow. I was really touched and humbled. I know i dont need a baby shower because i have another boy on the way. but they are really nice and kind enough to throw another shower for me. so now i am excited to see what will i get tomorrow for the baby.

He is going to be big!

I am 35 weeks running to 36 weeks and my baby is already measuring 6lbs and 2 oz. I am indeed a little bit worried. babies tend to grow a half pound a week so I am thinking of having an 8 pounds baby. I just dont understand how to push him out. i did my part. I exercise a lot and really control my food intake and monitor my blood sugar. but recently i have a high number and that is not really good. Well, i just really need to be careful. I am always hungry but if i eat a lot i really felt guilty. I just tell to myself, I did all of these things for my coming baby.

triangle direct media

If you own a business, you really need to linked it online too. most of the people have access online and most of the people will rather spent their time shopping or doing their business online. And if you own a business online and you dont know how to connect to the right customer online, this triangle direct media can definitely help you. this tool is a great to tool to know how to do business online and how to connect to your customer. Well, you will have all the information you need if you will visit their website


I am counting days till i can say my third baby. I am really getting excited. I know i am going to have another boy but still i am excited to see how he look like. I am just praying that he is going to be healthy and no complication. and also my delivery is safe and fast. We'll few more days to go. I am really, really excited!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

organic mattress los angeles

My husband is weighing big. and boy when it come to shopping a bed mattress, i should say that he is the pickiest one. I did not understand why he acted like that until i grow big with this pregnancy. I cant sleep in the other room because the bed will give me a back pain. my son sometimes wanted me to sleep with him. I felt guilty not to give his wish because you know we will have another baby coming and i might have a little time spending with him because he will be going to share some of my time with the other brother. but boy the bed is really killing me. We are on our way looking for a new mattress for the other room. if you friends are looking for a new mattress to sleep in, i think you might consider of taking a look of this organic mattress los angeles. I know that people have different taste and like and who knows it is the kind of bed that you might like.

feeling heavy

I am almost in my due date with this third baby and indeed i feel like my body is so heavy for me to carry. I try to be active and exercise but you know i get tired so easily. I only have 4 more week to wait for me to see the 3rd addition to our family and i should say I am very very excited. I am just praying that this baby will come out healthy and no complication.