Monday, March 14, 2011

I had a blast last night!

It was a fun night for me last night. Me and my friends here in denton went to see the concert of my favorite filipino singer Joey Albert. We'll I only realized last night that she is one of my favorite singer..hehehhehe..I actually dont know who is Joey Albert until i heard her song last night and to my surprised I used to sing some of her song and even played my guitar while i sing it. It is just so amazing to know that she is the original singer of those song that i love to sing. She was well known back in 80's which is probably the reason why i dont know her much since i was born in the 80's too..

Joey Albert maybe grown in age but her voice remains the same. She really is a great singer and I was really blessed with the songs that she sung last night. She did not only sing Tagalog song but also some religious song that brought tears to my eyes. Her life story was very inspiring too. I am so happy that I attended her concert. My first reason why i bought the ticket is for me to just be able to go out from the house and have some time with my friends without thinking about kids. Just a break from baby sitting with my two boys. but it turned out to be one of the best concert that I ever attended. I was really blessed:)