Friday, March 27, 2009

Mephisto shoes

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Cant sleep!

For some reason, i could not really sleep. I dont know the reason though. I never had any caffein today that will trigger this problem of mine. I have been two nights already that i woke up like 3 o clock in the morning and could not go back to bed. my head is hurt and really wanted to rest but my mind wont stop thinking of nonsense things. Well, maybe after making my task online my mind well get tired and will be able to give my body even a few hours of sleep.

identity theft protection

When i first landed here in USA and when i first enter to my husband's house, the first thing that my husband told me was to never share any of my personal information online or to anybody else. He then explain the possible identity theft if i wont do what he was telling me. The longer i stayed here in USA, the more i know how important is your identity here in USA. This is the reason why we all need to be careful and play safe. and with that being said, getting ourselves an identity theft protection is one option for us to be protected from identity theft and will have a peace of mind. Give this website for more information with regards to their identity theft protection!

Finally passed it!

The other week was my citizenship interview. i was really thinking that the interview would be hard but I was wrong. My friends were right, the process was indeed easy. The guy who interviewed my was really nice and was so understanding. overall, after few minutes of talking to the guy who interviewed, i heard the word congratulations, you passed the interview. of course i was happy. Now, i have to play the waiting game for my oath taking ceremony appointment..Am really praying that everything turns out with my papers and will get the appointment letter for my oath taking soon..