Friday, September 30, 2011

buy cao cigars

I am not a smoker so i dont know anything when it comes to cigars.But, I do know a lot of people who love to smoke. I cant blame them though, some people, smoking is their only way of releasing stress. Well, if you are a smoker and would love to buy cao cigars, this website will make it easy for you to get the cigars that you love. You dont need to drive anywhere All you need is your computer and your credit card and of course you need to visit this website for you to order the cigars that you love. The website does not only carry cao cigars but they have pretty much all brands of cigars that you friend might want to get. therefore, the next time you shop for cigars, make sure you visit first.


Next week, Wednesday , would be my mom's interview for her visa. As the days goes by i cant help but to feel nervous for my mom.I am really hoping and praying that she'll answer all the question correctly and the embassy will grant her a visa to come here. I payed a lot of money already for my mom's paper and thinking that everything will just be nothing by her not answering even 1 question correctly just make me go nuts. We'll a lot of people have been praying and I believed in the power of prayer. So i know my mom will be fine.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

zumba xbox 360

Losing weight is not easy and I definitely can attest to that. I am still trying my best to lose this baby fat that i gained when i was pregnant with my second child. I was doing zumba that can be found in youtube and it does help me a lot and so far i love it. so i am kind of looking for a zumba dvd to follow and do my routine every day until I found this zumba xbox 360. My husband will buy an xbox 360 for my son's this coming november. I will surely make sure that i will get this zumba for xbox 360.

She pass the medical exam!

I am so happy yesterday when my sister texted me telling that my mom pass the medical exam. I petitioned my mom 6 mos ago and inorder for her to get a US visa, she need to pass her medical exam and interview. I was really worried with the medical exam because i know that my mom is getting old. But i am happy that she managed to pass her exam. Now, she just need to pass her interview and we might see her next month.

roadside assistance plan

roadside assistance plan is really ideal to get specially for those family that love to travel. You will never know, you get stranded in a place where you can get some help and the worst scenario is, if you have kids with you. I bet it will be so scary. If you have a roadside assistance plan, whatever happen, you can be assure that somebody will come and help you. and if you dont know where to get the plan, this website would be a perfect website to visit.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

will never use HOME DEPOT again!

I went to home depot last week and complained about the squeaking and cracking sound of our newly installed engineered wood. They send out the same people that install our wood last friday and we showed him some parts of the wood that making some weird noise and you even can see the wood move. It seems like the two planks were not properly attached. few minutes after, he let us sign saying that they came over and look at the wood. some people will call us and we will start from there what to do. OMG. two days came nobody called. I went to home depot to ask. the home depot lady told me that the COOPER FLOORING give them a note that the wood is installed correctly and there's nothing wrong with it. I am not really happy. we've been to a lot of stressed dealing with home depot people.

Friends, if i were you, never use home depot if you decide to do some house renovation. They will not respect you and if you have complaint, they will not help you to resolve it. We will never use home depot again,ever!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

armani exchange coupons

Looking for a armani exchange coupons online? well this website is defintely the website is definitely the website that you are looking for. This website is already bookmarked in my computer. I love shopping online and I love getting it in a good deal by using coupon codes and this website is just a big help for me. I tell you friend, before you go shop at Kohl's, victoria secret or any favorite store that you want to shop, make sure you check the website first and see if they have coupons for you to use.I'll tell you, you wont believed how much money you can save.

I hate it!

I was bugging my husband to have our carpet floor replaced into wood flooring thinking that it would be easy for me to clean. But when i have it, I can say that i am totally wrong. i think i love the carpet flooring better than this noisy, squeaky and annoying wood that we have. the wood is kind of dark so you can easily see the dirt and dust on it. I have to clean and sweep the floor at least once a day and need to really deep clean the floor once a week.We have the wood for already two mos and i hate it as in i really hate it!. Well what else i can do, I need to wait for at least 20 years then i can ask my husband to change the wood into carpet again:)

Thursday, September 08, 2011

buy petite roses

I think most of the women love roses. Personally, I love it when my husband handed me a bouquet or roses specially if there is no special occasion. Therefore, if you friends, specially to all men, if you want your women to be happy, you can buy petite roses and send it to them. I tell you, it will surely put a sweet smile on her face. And when it comes to petite roses, this website can help you find the perfect set of roses for your special girl. Not only that their roses are fresh and well arrange, they are also very affordable to get. If you will give the website a visit right now, you will really be surprised how affordable it is.


Tomorrow would be the Grand Parents Day at elijah school and to my surprised, Greg's parents will come over to attend the said event. I was not really expecting them to give time for it for i know how busy they are. Well, I was really pleased and my son was so happy when the moment he knew that his grandpa and grandma will come to his school. So here I am very busy. I have to clean the house and prepare some food for tomorrow. Well it is okay. My son is happy and also it would be nice to spent some time with the family too.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Life change!

Since the school start my life changed too. I then need to wake up at 6:30 in the morning and prepare my son for school. I also need to sleep early so that i can wake up early too. I need to help my son with his school assignment and many more. I sure miss those days in which i can sleep late at night, staying on the bed late and dont need to be in hurry and worried to be late. But well, i am a mom and i need to at sacrifice a little. plus my son's happy face every time he comes home from school definitely pays everything.:) I still have a whole year to go and I think I am up for the challenge:0)