Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Everybody must read this!

Attached here is a very interesting article that everybody needs to read. A friend of mine send this to me in my email. The story really gives me a goose bumps. I am amazed how loving and powerful is Our God. He is indeed worthy to be praised and to be serve. This article just mean that in whatever circumstances, God is always there to help us if we will just ask His help.

PLease click the picture for you to be able to read the article. May all of us will be blessed with the story..God bless!

appetite suppressants

Controlling our appetite is indeed not easy. Recently, I am gaining so much weight. It feels really so uncomfortable feeling those fats every time i sit. I get tired so easily and been complaining a lot of things. I do eat a lot more than I used to eat. So I am sure that is the reason why I gain a lot of weight too. Now, I try to minimized my food intake and watch my diet. It is not working..I just cant control myself. once i start eating, I am not gonna get out from the table until I eat all the food. It is really hard. Sometimes, I wont cook so that I don't have food to eat but my stomach gets so hurt and feel like i really really need to eat. So, later on, i ended up cooking and feed myself.

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