Monday, February 21, 2011

Done with the kitchen:)

Since the day I gave birth to my second son, i barely or should I say I never see my house clean. I just cant do all the works and take care of the baby. Therefore, last week, I decided to schedule everything. one space at a time. Today, I manage to clean our kitchen, do the dishes and clean the baby's bottle. It is a heaven feeling looking at my clean kitchen. i will hopefully manage to keep it clean for the rest of the week. We will see. tomorrow, would be my schedule to clean the living room. Right now, our living room is a mess. clothes and toys are all over the place. I hate it!. I totally agree that if you live in a clean house you will also have a peace of mine.And right now seeing those toys and clothes on the floor just give my headache. We'll sooner or later I will have this house clean. Just one thing at a time and i will be able to clean the whole house. I am definitely crossing my fingers for that:)