Thursday, October 20, 2011


next week would be my son's first birthday. I am kind of busy with the preparation and everything. I have the food taking care of so I only need to buy the give aways and prizes for games. So far i have things ready. I just need to clean the house and do a little shopping for the party. it would also be a welcome party for my mom here in USA. At least my mom will get a chance to meet my friends here in texas. Next week would be a big week for me. I am indeed excited!

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christmas presents

Christmas is just around the corner. Right now, i can hear people playing a Christmas song and i even have a friend who already started decorating her house for Christmas. It is almost christmas and i tell you friends, I still dont have any idea what to get for my family this christmas. Good thing I found this website, The website has tons of excellent idea on what to give to your family as christmas presents. I went into the website and i was eyeing the tote that was on sale for 14 dollars and its already a set. I am sure it will make a good christmas presents for my friend.

Finally Over!

I am so glad and feels like a huge burden was lift off from my shoulder when my mom pass her medical exam and interview for her visa. And right now, she is ready for her flight coming her in USA and spent her time with us. I am excited for her too. This will be her first time for out of the country so i have a mixed emotion right now. I am just hoping and praying that she will like her stay here and she will enjoy her time with us. I love my mom and i will surely do everything to make her stay here more fun and enjoyable.