Friday, July 13, 2012


Next week is my second doctors visit and this time i will be able to see the baby in that small monitor in my obgyn's office. This baby would be my third but i feel like it's my first time to be a mommy. I cant help but to get anxious and excited. I praying that everything will be fine and the baby inside my stomach is doing okay. I am also excited to see the heartbeat count of the baby and see if it' 140 above or below. I read online that if it is 140 above we are having a girl but it if 140 below we are having a boy. I dont really believed it but it is kind of something that i wanted to see.:)

edwin jagger

IN every special occasion i always got a hard time finding for something to give for me husband. his birthday is just few mos away and i still don't know what to give to him. I wanna make it up to him because he was really good to me last mothers day. A trip to Italy for 17 days is too much and I was really happy and blessed that I was able to visit the place. I know simple things will become more special when it is given, right?. I was looking online and found this edwin jagger set of Ebony double is what i have in mind to give to him on his natal day. Well I still have months to save money. 

Heartburn attack!

One thing that i hate the most every time i get pregnant is the heartburn. I just hate it. I hate the acid feeling that i could not explain where it came from and what to do to get rid or at least minimized it. I thought at first that this baby will be so good to me that i wont experience a morning sickness at all..hehehe i think i speak to soon because here i am throwing up and I dont know what to eat. oh well, one more month and I will be done with this morning sickness. i could not really wait!