Tuesday, February 22, 2011

They love it!

I was so happy seeing my son and husband eating my chicken menudo. it was my first time making it and I am really pleased to see them liked it.I guess my chicken menudo turned out really well.My husband is very picky with it comes to food. I tell you, I tried a lot of recipes for him to taste but only few that he likes. Therefore, i was really happy when i saw him eating the new food that i cooked. Chicken menudo is one of my favorite filipino dish and I am just so happy to share the food with them. This dish will surely be a new addition to our family's recipe.

Cheap Ink for your printer!

Just last year we bought a new canon printer. The first time i used the printer i just cant help but really appreciate the result. I am happy and was satisfied until the ink of the printer went out. I try to look for the cheap printer ink but I could not find any. I went to the store but boy they are really expensive.I was sad until I found this website inkgrabber.com.

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Therefore, if you are looking for inkjet cartridges or should i say cheap ink, then you should give this website inkgrabber.com a visit and I am sure you will be happy that you do. you will be amazed how affordable their products are.

chicken menudo for dinner

This will be my first try of cooking chicken menudo. Actually chicken menudo is one of my favorite filipino dish but I just dont know how to cook. My mom is really good of cooking it and it became one of my favorite food that my mom cook. Anyway, thanks to panlasangpino I was able to get the recipe on how to cook chicken menudo. Hmm the food is still cooking right now and its smelling good already. I cant wait for it to be cooked and see if it taste the same like my mom's cooking. if it taste good I will surely keep the recipe and will try cooking it again. We'll, even if my cooking does not taste that good for my son Elijah it is always good. I alredy have steamed rice ready for him to eat the moment my chicken menudo is cooked.