Monday, July 11, 2011

casio digital cameras exilim

I was planning to send a package to my family in the Philippines. One of my sister asked me if i can get her a digital camera. She has two kids and she currently just using her phone to take some pics of them. I was browsing and shopping around for perfect digital camera until I found this casio digital cameras exilim an affordable, with high megapixel camera that my sister will surely love. with 14MP camera I am sure she'll be able to take a clear picture of her kids that's word to be developed and framed.


For those people who had a hard time losing weight, then we are in the same boat. I am stucked in 108 lbs. All i need is to lose that 3 lbs and i reached my ideal weight but for some reason is so hard for me to do. And instead of losing weight, I was actually gaining few lbs. So yeah, now, I am thinking of taking some diet pills and maybe it can help. I heard about this diet pills called apidexin and the review is pretty much good. might try the product and hopefully it helps lose that weight that i wanted to get rid.


The reason why I stopped taking depo shot is because I am always paranoid. I always think that I am pregnant which is really not. If you take depo as your means of birth control, one of the side effect is that you wont have your monthly period and since I dont have my monthly period for two mos now I am always worried thinking that I maybe pregnant. Now, i stopped using depo and decided to shift to birth control pills. hopefully, things will change and will have my menstration back.