Tuesday, April 03, 2012

gps and golf

I know a lot of people who love to play golf. infact, my father inlaw is a golf addict. We'll if you friends love to play golf this gps and golf is definitely the kind of product that you friend need to checked. gps and golf combined in one watch is sounded really cool. if you will give the website a visit right now you can see and read more of the watch features and I am sure you friends will surely be impressed. This watch will also make a good gift to your love one who love to play golf.


This afternoon, i read online that tornadoes have touched down in dallas forth worth area and few minutes after we have a tornado warning in our area.OMG i was really really scared. the weather outside until now is not looking good. I immidiately went to my sons school and picked up my son. I want us all be in the house just in case the tornado will hit our place. It was indeed a scary thing to think but I thank God for his mercy and for keeping us safe. Nothing happen and i think the tornado already passed us. Thank you Lord!

web conferencing solution

My husband sometimes work in from home and sometimes i saw him doing a what they called web conference. It's really cool. with the modern technology right now and internet you can easily communicate with the people around the world. I am not surprised that most business people will use this benefits for the company's success. Therefore, if your company still have the problem of communicating with your clients and worker then you really to start using this web conferencing solution. I am sure you will be amazed how easy it is to used and I am sure your business will be more fruitful. and speaking of web conference this website actconferencing.com is just the perfect website for you to start.

Its false alarm!

This fast few days i have this feeling that i am pregnant and i think i am 70 percent sure that I am. I have my mind set already. As a mother of 17 mos old toddle i definitely know the feeling and the changes of my body if something is happening inside specially when it comes to fertilization. But this time around, I was wrong. I just had my menstruation last week and that just tell me that I am not pregnant at all. Ohh well we are not trying but i am a little bit of disappointed. I have been wanting to have a girl and maybe just maybe my third baby would be a girl.