Friday, February 29, 2008

bridal lingerie

For those friend of mine that is about to get married, well congratulations to you. anyway, if you are looking for a place online to buy for your bridal lingerie, then this website is just a perfect website for you to visit. the website has everything you need when it comes to bridal lingerie. and to tell you, all their products are so very affordable to get. Try to give the website a visit right now and see if you they have the thing you need for your wedding. have fun shopping!

life insurance

Each of us should have this what they called life insurance. This type of insurance will help our family and kids to still have a good life in the future even if we are gone. accident can happen in anytime and we dont really know what tomorrow stores for us. This is the reason why we need to be ready and have everything set. Now, if you don't know what life insurance company to get and if you don't know about it, feel free to visit this website the website has the list of the top life insurance company in America. you can even compare the company from each other and pick the best one that fits for you. that is just easy. Now, you don't have any excuse of not getting yourself a life insurance. give the website a visit right now!

Happy friday everyone!

Just wanna greet everybody a happy friday. May your weekend will be full of fun family activities. we dont have any plan for tomorrow, well at least some activities that we can do as a family. it is our routine that every saturday, we will go to church and praise God as a family. Come home and eat our lunch as a family and after that, go to bed maybe, take some nap and if we still have time to go to the park, we will bring elijah to the park. pretty much that's the routine. I tell you i love it and makes me want to look forward for the weekend. i love it when we spent time together as a family ..

Friday, February 22, 2008

fitness equipment

All of us should not be only mentally fit but also physically fit too. This is the reason that each of us should exercise everyday. Not only that you exercise all your muscles but also exercise will make you feel good.not only to your body but also in your mind. But sometimes it is so cold outside and we dont want to go out for walking or running. Well worry no more. You can actually get a fitness equipment for your house. Then you don't have to go anywhere. you can do your exercise inside your house. and when it comes to fitness equipment, feel free to visit this website have all the equipment you need to exercise.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Moen faucets

Is your faucet broken and plan to change it for a new one? Or maybe your are building a new house and is looking for a faucets for your bathroom or kitchen. Well if you are in need of faucets, you really need to visit this website the website that sells faucets in a very affordable price.Not only that the website sells faucets but also they sell bathroom and kitchen sinks and many more. If you are looking for a Moen faucets, count the website to have the product ready for you to get. Plus. they offer free ground shipping on orders over 99 dollars.So, what are you waiting for, give the website a visit right now!

Health tips for all of us.

Important health tips for everybody to read..have fun!

Reduce the amount of tea you consume

Do not eat bread which has only JUST been toasted

Keep your distance from hand phone chargers

Drink more water in the morning, less at night

Do not drink coffee twice a day

Reduce the amount of oily food you consume

Best sleeping time is from 10pm at night to 6am in the morning

Do not have HUGE meals after 5pm

Do not take alcohol more than one glass/cup/serving a day

Do not take pills with cool water

Do not lie down immediately after taking medicine before sleeping

Getting less than 8 hours of sleep affects your health

People used to napping will not get old easily

If you can't get do early morning runs, 5pm-8pm in the afternoon is a

great time for jogging

When battery is down to the last grid/bar, do not answer the phone

The radiation is 1000 times

Answer the phone by left ear

It'll spoil your brain directly by using right ear

Do not use headphones/earphone for extended periods of time

Rest your ear awhile after 1 hour

Forward this to friends whom you care about

Friday, February 15, 2008

mortgage lenders

Like to get that house that you want and dream but you just dont have enough money to get it? well i think it is about time for you to visit this website the website is your mortgage lenders which actually give you some way on and idea on how to get a mortgage loan with of course a good rate.the website is so very informative plus they will let you apply and get your loan online. you dont have to go anywhere,just sit on your chair and visit the website provided above.

weight loss pills

Lossing weigh is not that easy..well of course you really make yourself dedicated for it to be happen. spent time exercise and sometimes you have to starve yourself. I always keep my husband to exercise for he already gain so much weight and i think i have to do it myself too. I noticed that I am gaining weight right now. but duh, exercising is not really in my vocabulary. I just dont like and so lazy to exercise especially if the weather is cold. I am so glad that i have another option. this weight loss pills from this website an easy way to loss weight..heheh

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Branson homes for sale

Branson at MO is one of the coolest place to stay here in USA. i was looking at the place online and they really have a good and beautiful houses there. the community looks friendly. not only that it is a perfect place to settle down but also a good place to go for a vacation. wel you friends may consider of looking for a house in that place. If you do, then i should say that you really make a good decision. and talking about looking for a Branson homes for sale, you should visit this website you can actually use the website to contact and find a real estate in that place and have somebody to help you find a good house deal. the website is friendly and if you visit their website right now you will also know more about the place..just click the website provided above and have fun with your house hunting..

good morning friends

it was a fine morning for me time really flies so fast and we are now in the middle of the feels like the month of january just started and now it is almost over..anyway, how are you doing my friends? it has been a while since i last updated my really sorry my life is just so busy as a bee..heheheh if not with my blogging business i rather stop blogging for a while but you know i need to make my task or else they will ban me from their website..but anyhow i also like to keep you friends updated my whereabout..well as of now not much happening busy taking care of the house and with my boy..i try to spent more time with him lately and teach him some stuff which i really need to do as a far life is good and we are all healthy and happy..hope you friends are doing great and may the rest of the weekdays wil bring us more fun...have a good wednesday to all of you..

Monday, February 04, 2008

tag from dae joy

a tag from one of my good friend online joy..thanks a lot for this friends and i hope you enjoy reading with my answers as much as i enjoy reading yours..thanks again..

Here are my lists of 6 Quirky Things.
1. I am music lover and love to play my guitar
2. I love blogging, I am here almost every hour, everyday.
3. I am into football game and a big fan of COWBOYS
4. I am a music listener, religious and love song were my favorites
5. I am a very outgoing person. i love to go parties and enjoy at least once a week..heheh
6. I love to watch my filipino teleserye and a big kapamilya of this know filipino channel abs-cbn.

car donation

I think it was last week when my friend told me that they donate their car to the charity..well I just realized that you can actually do donation is indeed a good way to do a charity by giving your car to the people who needs it. Now friends, if you have a car that is just parking in your garage and you did not used it at all, why dont you donate it let the people used it. And speaking of car donation try to check this website you can visit the website to see how to donate your used car.Please know that the website is a non-profit company that uses car and other donations to make videos for kids and teens. so far, they have given away over 2.4 million videos and still counting for more videos to be given away. here take a look of the videos they have for your kids and teens.