Sunday, December 30, 2007

need some help!

will somebody please tell me what did you do to teach your kids how to use the bathroom?. boy i have been trying to let elijah know that every time he go popo he need to go to the bathroom and pooped there. but what the, it seems that he dont really understand me for just today, he come to me and handed me a piece of popo in his hand. of course it was just so gross to think that I am eating something when he handed me his pooped. I think i really need to work hard and really let him know that if he went popo he need to use the bathroom. i think using a diaper and just let them pooped on it makes it hard for them to realized that they should not pooped on their pants or diaper. In the philippines you can only count those kids who use diapers and as what i observe with my pamangkin the last time i visited pinas, at the age of 16 mos she already know how to use the bathroom. my boy, he is already 2 years old still he doesn't know how to tell me and at least give me some warning if he go popo so that i can bring him to the bathroom. he will inform me after he pooped on his diaper and the worst thing is he always touch his popo and really show me that he pooped because their are popo on his hands. so gross!!..ohh well this is a part of being a mother. will some mother please leave your comments here and at least share to me any tips on potty training..any tips will surely be appreciated.

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