Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I am excited for my fetal anatomy survey  because on that day i will surely know the gender of my 3rd baby. I am still praying to God to give me a baby girl to love and care but He know the bigger picture. So I also have my heart prepare for the possibility that i might be a mother of 3 boys.anyway boys and fun to love. they fun to watch when they play and i just love them so much. I love my two boys and one more boy to love is not bad at all. I am sure i will adore and love him as much as I love my others boys. In anyway, I am excited to know if i am going to have a boy or girl and I am looking forward to that day when i give birth and meet him or her in person.

how to reformat hard drive

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High Blood pressure

I am worried lately. I went to my 16 weeks visit and i just found out that my blood pressure is kind of high. I do notice that i get too much headache lately and sometimes will catch my breath but i just did not pay any attention to it. I guess that is the sign of me having my blood pressure high. Now i have to watch for my blood pressure and my diabetes. I guess i need to keep on exercising until i have this baby out. for now all i can do it pray that God will be with us. will make our baby healthy and will give me a safe delivery and fast recovery. I just trust everything to God.