Sunday, April 22, 2012

Decided to cancel my trip to the philippines

After i read the mean letter from my sister, I decided to cancel my trip to the Philippines. I decided of not planning any trip going back home anytime soon. I am not mad with my sister and I totally understand why she was able to write me that kind of letter but i dont think I am ready to see her. not yet. ohh well, good thing my friend called me and offer me a trip to italy plus next year we are going on a cruise. I will just maybe do that instead of going to the philippines.

apex house cleaning

Do you wish that at least one day, somebody will come to your house and clean it? I am a mother of two and to tell you the truth, I get tired picking up things after my kids. I just clean the house and soon after I am done cleaning here comes my two boys making a mess. How i wish just one day somebody will come and will do the cleaning for me. We'll you mom out there, if you dont have time to clean your house, then apex house cleaning can do the job for you. Maybe for just one time..maybe just one time to give your life a taste of a home that is spotless and really clean..If you will click and visit the website right now, you can read some reviews of the people that they worked with. pretty much they got a lot of good reviews that is just one proof that their workers are really good at what they are doing.

have the best manager ever!

Did I just say that I have the best manager at work? I just love her. Maybe because she is really good to me. Everytime i need a day off she always find a way to find somebody to work for me. Even if i will call last minute,she will really try her best to find somebody to cover for me. I dont have a good benefits at work but with the people that I work with? my boss, my co workers, I can say that it is the kind of job that I am willing to keep for long. 

phenteripped side effects

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I was really excited when my good friend give me a call and told me that she will be bringing me to italy and she will pay for the ticket.. OMG the good thing is my husband says yes and that he will take a day off to take care of my kids. Until now i feel like I am still dreaming. I cant believed that i will be spending 15 days in italy..we will be visiting Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence and Switzerland. I am very excited and I can wait to really see the beauty of italy in my very own eyes..