Sunday, December 13, 2009

destin fl

Until now, I am still dreaming of going to Florida. The reason why i wanted to visit the place is because i wanna go to Disney world. Since i was a kid i wanted to be in that place. It would be a dream come true if my husband will bring me there. Plus i found this website that offers a good deal of plane ticket and hotel stay if we visited florida. I have searching for the website that would give us a good deal if we will decide spent some time in Florida and had the best deal that you friends would want to avail too. So the next time you destin fl or any places, make sure you check the website first before you book your trip to the other website:)

granite tile

Floor tiles is just one aspects that can add beauty to your house. In opinion, i love those dark color tiles. any color as long as it is not white. which i have in my house. and oh I hate it. If i would be given a chance to renovate my house, i will definitely start with my kitchen floor. and I just found this perfect place in which i can go and shop for the kind of tiles that I want. This website offers granite tile that most people would love. they did not only offer granite tiles but also a lot of thing that you would love to have for your house. If you are looking for pebbles, metals, tiles and many others, then the website has all the products for you.just give the website a visit right now!

Christmas with friends!

Last was a blast for me. For the first time in my life since i arrived here in texas, last night was the first in which i realized that their are indeed a lot of filipino here in texas. yesterday, my friend invited me to attend to a filipino christmas party. Of course, when it comes to a filipino party there always be a lot of foods to eat..hehehe and when it comes to food I am so in. So yeah, i said yes to my friend and did attend the party last night. I had a blast. the most fun party the i ever attended. and I feel like I am home. seeing those coe filipinos of mine makes me think and feel like home:)