Sunday, July 11, 2010

cocoa butter stretch marks

I am at least 6 mos pregnant right now and I am definitely looking for something to minimized my stretch marks. I felt sorry for my stomach when i have elijah and dont bother of using any lotion to prevent from having stretch mark and i have tons of it in my stomach right now. Now, that I am pregnant again, i am indeed trying my best to at least minimized my stretch mark specially now that I noticed that i will surely gain more weight compared to what i gained with i have my first baby. This is the reason why I am so glad to found this cocoa butter stretch marks. a kind of product that each of pregnant woman should have. you will really love it and will be thankful later on that you used it. I have enough stretch mark on my body and i dont wanna add more.

acne treatments

I have been suffering from acne since i got pregnant. I dont see much of it in my face but i do have few of it. I am scared to try with different kind of acne treatment since I am pregnant. I am scared that the chemical might hurt the baby. But if I still have it when i deliver that baby, i will definitely consider of trying with a different kind of acne treatments for it to be gone. Not only that acne makes you feel uncomfortable but also it does not look good on your face. specially if turns red. it is really disgusting. This is the reason why I am happy to found this website If you wanna get rid of your acne? you should give the website a visit right now!

He is excited!

Last month we finally able to get my son's bunkbed. It does make him feel so happy and cant wait to sleep on it. Of course, he wanted his mommy to be with him but I sleep in the bottom bed and he sleep on the upper bed. Now, he dont wanna sleep at his mommy and daddy's bed anymore because he wanna sleep on his own bed. I am so proud of him. I am happy to see him doing that and be able to say that he is ready for his brothers coming. I am planning to sleep in kids room when the baby arrived. that way i can let my husband sleep and have enough energy to work for the following day.