Tuesday, November 17, 2009

spa filters

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cell phones

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weight loss

Losing weight is not an easy task to do. I tell and I know you people out there will agree with me if i say that It Is so hard to lose weight than gaining it!. As my age grow older, I also notice that it is hard for me to lose some weight and maintain the weight that i wanted. I now gained 6 lbs since i came back from the Philippines. and yeah, i don't like it!. I just don't like the feeling of being fat. it is so uncomfortable to move.

Now, if you people are like me, who wanted to have a weight loss, i think this website www.fastweightloss.net might be a help for us. Well, there is no harm in trying right? who knows, the website will give us the right solution on what to do for us to lose some weight!

Best Bday Ever!

My two boys indeed has their own way of showing their love to me. We did not do something fancy on my birthday but i do feel the real and unconditional love from my two boys. My son bought me a spiderman card with a loving message of course made by my dear husband. Greg got me an ice cream care and gps on my birthday. we eat out and had fun as a family. We only do simple things but it is way special for me because i got to spend it with my dear ones. I really thank God for giving them to my life. I dont know what my life would be without them!:)