Saturday, January 12, 2013

organic mattress los angeles

My husband is weighing big. and boy when it come to shopping a bed mattress, i should say that he is the pickiest one. I did not understand why he acted like that until i grow big with this pregnancy. I cant sleep in the other room because the bed will give me a back pain. my son sometimes wanted me to sleep with him. I felt guilty not to give his wish because you know we will have another baby coming and i might have a little time spending with him because he will be going to share some of my time with the other brother. but boy the bed is really killing me. We are on our way looking for a new mattress for the other room. if you friends are looking for a new mattress to sleep in, i think you might consider of taking a look of this organic mattress los angeles. I know that people have different taste and like and who knows it is the kind of bed that you might like.

feeling heavy

I am almost in my due date with this third baby and indeed i feel like my body is so heavy for me to carry. I try to be active and exercise but you know i get tired so easily. I only have 4 more week to wait for me to see the 3rd addition to our family and i should say I am very very excited. I am just praying that this baby will come out healthy and no complication.