Friday, October 30, 2009

electronic cigarette

Have you friends every heard this product they called electronic cigarette? This product function exactly the same as the other cigarette but the different is it is electronic means you have to use power or energy to used it. Well it is way less messy compared to the other cigarette that is not electronic. if you like to smoke and wanna try this one, you can get it at this website you can get the product in different color. Just picked the color you want. the instruction is available too for you to know how to used it. Well just be reminded though that cigarette smoking whether it is electronic or not is really not good for your health!

Fast Approaching!

Few more days away and Christmas will come. Actually I am excited and happy not because I am sure i will be able to get the gift that i want from my husband but also because Christmas is the only season of the year where people try to show some love to each other. I will of course missed my family in the Philippines again during this holiday season but having my own family here in USA with me is worth of everything. I am just so happy and contented to have my very own special boys in my life who is trying their very best to show their love to me in different ways.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

dip machine

Have you been looking for a Dip bar package or dip machine? If you like to exercise then you will surely need an equipment to do it. If you friends are looking for a very affordable with a good quality deep machine or dip bar package, this website is indeed a good website for you to visit. The website will let you save up to 80 dollars if you buy a dip bar package and many more. Of course the website does not only sale dip machine but also they offer tons of equipments with a huge saving that you can use with your exercising routine. Just try giving the website a visit right now and you'll know what am talking about.

New found Friend..

I am so happy to find a new friend that live near to my house. I was actually sad when my friend jiji move to arkansas. She is the only friend of mine who like to go shopping and spending time outside the house. Whenever i ask her to go out with me she never say NO. Now i have Lolita who has the same like as me. Of course she likes to hang out in the mall too. even if we dont have money to buy we actually enjoy our time being there. The saying is indeed true that when you lose of something or someone you like, It will be replace with something better. Thanks wendy for introducing Lolita to me. I am really happy to have you guys in my life..

Saturday, October 03, 2009


Some of us would surely want to have a unique and cool design of sink in our kitchen and bathrooms.Now friends, if you want to shop online for different style sink's design dont be hesitate to visit this website You will surely amazed with the lines of sinks products they have for you. Before you go to other store and shop, you surely need to visit the website first.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Cant wait to be home

After almost 5 whole weeks of fun here in the philippines I just could not wait to be finally home. I am so tired and I just missed our bed and the feeling to be home. We will be leaving to cebu tonight and then sunday would be our flight to texas. I am indeed praying that our Good Lord will give us His traveling mercy and we would be able to reach home safe and sound. I am sad to leave my family here and am sure i will definitely miss them. but life is like this. We just have to accept it. I am happy this time because I have greg to travel with me.