Tuesday, March 26, 2013

paid only 4 dollars for these

can you believed that i only pay a little amount for this two shoes. I cant believed it either until now. The price for both shoes will total of at least 100 dollars and i only pay for 4 dollars of course right after i used coupons. that is how much i love couponing. you can really save a lot of money and get the item you want in a very affordable price.

portion size microwaveable cereal bowls

If you friends are looking for a portion size microwaveable cereal bowls, this website preciseportions.com is your kind of website. the website sells the portion control bowl made of porcelain that is perfect for you to use. it is a good size of bowl to use when you are in diet and is controlling your food intake. you can also used this bowl when you are cooking and need something to put for your ingredients.well the design is really good too and I am sure you think of plenty ideas on how to used the cute bowl.


I was really scared when i logged in to my bloggers account and found out that my main blog was deleted and was marked as spam. actually this is the blog. I know in my heart that my blog is not a spam at all and i did not violate any TOS.Anyway, I make an appeal to restore my blog back. I've waited for days and was scared that maybe I did violate any TOS and i just did not know it and they finally decided to just delete my blog. I was just waited patiently for their reply and thank God i got an email from them telling me that my blog was just mistakenly deleted and restore my blog to be visible online.Yup! I am a happy blogger right now. If this thing happen to you guys, just wait for them to review your blog after you send them a restore notice. They surely get back to you and will tell you the reason why they delete you blog,.