Tuesday, January 24, 2012

young women clothing

I love to shop online. And honestly, I spent most of my shopping online. I rather wanna sit here in the house specially if its cold outside and still do my shopping. When i found this website clothing.pricegrabber.com, my eyes grew big. seriously!, you can grab a shirt or jersey for as low as 1 dollar. I get really excited!. I need some clothing for my mom and we also trying so save money for our house in the Philippines. this website can definitely help me save a bunch of money. Now, friends, if you are looking for young women clothing, you really, as in really need to visit this website.You will surprised how much money you can saved.

She sick!

it has been 3 months since my mom arrived here from the Philippines. Yesterday, she was throwing up and have a stomach pain. I dont know what to do. I felt sad for her and so helpless. I give her some medicine to drink and let her sleep for a while. it is really hard when people will get sick here and dont have an insurance. I am just happy and thankful that my mom is doing better now and is back to normal. Yesterday was really a scary day for me.Thank you Lord for your healing power!