Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I like them both!

Since i was in the Philippines, I was an avid fan of the ABS-CBN tv station. I think that is the reason why I ask my husband to get me TFC channel for me to continue watching my show even if I am already here in USA. just recently, i found a website in which i can watch some teleseries from GMA too. the other tv station in the philippines that always compete with the ABS-CBN when it coems to tv station rating. I tell you, they have a good series too. Marimar and Dyesebel are my favorite. It is just I love the story of the series. Now, I must say, I am not a pure abs-cbn fan anymore. because I almost spent most of my time watching the series from GMA than Abs-cbn. To compare the works of both station, I should say that ABS_CBN is more high tech and their effects are cooler than GMA. GMA needs to work more to catch up with abs. but I like them both..

hair loss treatment

Since I arrived here in the USA, hair loss become my problem. My husband always complain because he can see some of my hair in our bathroom floor. I am only have a thin hair. Infact I really felt jealous to those friends of mine who has a think hair. Since are not that much, everytime i saw a single rain on my comb, it really makes me feel terrible. Makes me feel like I will go bald very very soon. This is the reason why I am so happy when I found this hair loss treatment product at this website I have not tried their product but I am willing to try. Until now hair loss still my problem. So, I am so excited to try the product and see the result.

bowling today

It is maybe odd to say but I am already 27 years old and never been tried bowling. Therefore, I am really excited when my friends planned to bring the kids today to lewisville for bowling. It cost money but I am sure it is not that much since their are a lot of us who'll share the cost.I could not really wait to try. I may not want to do it again or maybe I will have fun and will do it again. One thing for sure, I will surely know how it feels to play that kind of game.